In Vietnam, video of the Russian Su-57 was ridiculed because of two small details

In Vietnam, they ridiculed the Russian Su-57, calling it a sub-fighter.

Despite the fact that Vietnam is among the buyers of Russian Su-57 fighters, the Vietnamese media found a reason to ridicule the Russian combat aircraft and even deny its belonging to the fifth generation fighters. The reason for this was a small detail that appeared on one of the videos.

The storyboard video provided by the Russian defense department, presented by Soha, showed propellers roughly screwed into the fuselage of a Russian combat aircraft.

This technology, according to Vietnamese experts, does not allow the Russian fifth generation fighter to be in this category at all, and given the fact that the geometry of the cross hole is completely violated on some propellers, it is believed in Vietnam that the assembly of the fifth generation fighter is carried out not according to the required technology. (tightening force exceeded). Moreover, bubbles were seen on the glass cockpit canopy, which also raised a lot of questions about the build quality of Russian combat aircraft.

“The latest images of the Su-57 stealth fighter are distinguished not only by beautiful shots, but also by disturbing details about the quality of this aircraft. The Su-57, the most advanced stealth fighter in the Russian army, recently showed excellent performance, demonstrating the ability to attack flying targets with heat-seeking missiles in a hidden compartment on the wings. However, screws in the fuselage and bubbles on the cockpit canopy are disgusting. ", - reports the information publication "Soha", publishing the relevant photos.

It should be noted that so far there have been no official comments on this from the developer, however, this can seriously damage the credibility of the combat aircraft.

They try not to say that they won the war with the Americans with Soviet weapons and with the help of military instructors from the USSR! We went hand-to-hand with bamboo sticks, taking away weapons from the Americans!

F-22 and 35 are assembled in the same way on screws and rivets. Google non-promotional photos, where they are all licked and polished

With such a mess as it is now, I would not be surprised if our products also lose to Chinese ones in quality. They just have to deal with quality and it will be like the Japanese, but we are doing much worse! Even in quality management there is no, what can we say about iron!

Didn't you know that the Vietnamese are the greatest experts in the aircraft industry? :-))))

And not too lazy to write such nonsense ??? I wonder how such "true" photos were made ???

What-what, scotch tape!

It was precisely the hammering of screws that was a characteristic feature of ZILs assembled by the hands of Vietnamese "comrades". Therefore, the imitation of this technology should have delighted them. Whole research institutes and design bureaus were working, and they were unhappy. It's not like pouring basins through Sheremetyevo

This is not an SU-57, but some kind of Chinese. Ours does not have a split of the slats into 2 parts. The contours are not the same.

When the fox could not reach the grapes, she said that it was not tasty

Do you really need to explain something to someone?

Specifically reviewed the video, there are no propellers on the wing in this place on a Syrian aircraft. And on the lantern there is one bubble of unknown origin. There are panels of pictures from the first samples of equipment, where everything is done almost by hand for the first time, the lines for new machines have not yet been established.

Let them collect theirs. Then you don't have to buy

Since when did the Vietnamese become experts in fighter jets?

"The belly of yesterday's good does not remember" ... And the country that saved them, alas, no longer exists.

Ridiculous. Especially "blow to reputation" from Vietnamese sofa experts.

And why are the screws screwed in roughly? The author rudely twists his nonsense into us. Screws are the safest and fastest way to change equipment. And the water droplets on the cockpit canopy indicate that the picture was taken on the ground.

The Vietnamese 50 years ago knew about the Kalashnikov assault rifle, they knew what the S-75 and MiG-21 were and how to shoot down any B-52, Skyhawks, Intruders and Phantoms with them

Most likely we saw a Chinese assembly, and since our plane was decided that they are assembling it like that, show us yours.

This photo is a 100% photomontage with a docked alien wing fragment. Apparently someone really wants to discredit our wonderful Su-57.

And now we look at the fifth generation Vietnamese aircraft, compare the parameters, take notes, learn from them how to make aircraft ...

This is the meaning of the winning technique. By definition, technology does not last long on the battlefield. This is not a consumer goods and technical characteristics are important here. Nobody is going to design here. And yes, this is a wing of a supersonic aircraft - this is how it is built.

I am shocked by everyone present here. None of you have noticed that this is not su-57 at all. Google it and see what the Su-57 looks like.

And how is the skin attached to Vietnamese-made aircraft?

Thanks for the well-founded explanations.

Syrian - is it for Syria?))

Do you know something about the Vietnam War that I do not know?

The Vietnamese, great experts in weapons of this class, did not know what a water supply was 50 years ago ...

This prototype may not be Syrian

Drilling holes makes the metal thinner, which affects the durability of the metal, screws are extra weight for an aircraft.

They are right in the twenty-first century on a fifth-generation airplane, there should be no primitive screws and bubbles, this is the last century.

Is the article obligatory to believe?

You would not have asked for communism and there would have been no war, and what was North Korea saved from?

This is not a fifth generation aircraft - there are no options here

So what ?? Ukraine won 100/500 fittings burned. Or is someone interested in the opinion of sofa experts?

Strictly speaking, they are right. The screws are most likely generally Chinese. Yes, and they should be twisted as they say "for the face". Otherwise, it will simply "light up" on the radar.

The great Vietnamese manufacturers of various equipment, including aircraft, undoubtedly know what to laugh at.

The monkey, who recently descended from the palm tree and took a stick in its front paws, also thinks that now it is the most formidable animal in the jungle.

Rivets and screws in joints that are exposed to significant alternating influences are preferable to welding, and even cheaper, and at speeds up to 3 M they have no practical effect on anything other than aesthetics. Air bubbles (???) I think the technology will be improved and they will disappear, but in that place they do not interfere with anything

And you, Vietnam? How quickly they are sold for lentil stew, how quickly they forget about those who saved them from destruction ...



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