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Vladivostok refused to refuel Transaero planes

The Vladivostok airport management refused to refuel the airline's planes "Transaero».

According to information received by the information portal from the airport’s direct employees, it became known that the refusal to refuel the aircraft of the Russian air carrier is due to the aircraft operator’s debt to RN-Aero, which is essentially a subsidiary of RosNeft. At present, these official confirmation data have not been found either by representatives of the RosNeft company or by the air carrier itself, however, in the event that the situation does not change in the near future, and several regular flights can be disrupted by the air carrier, which is natural cause a lot of inconvenience to hundreds of passengers.

It should be noted that at the end of last year the Russian airline Transaero experienced a number of financial problems, and even rumors began that even in the near future the carrier could be declared bankrupt, however, over the past six months, the airline not only managed to overcome difficulties, but and is actively developing.


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