Vnukovo Airport


Vnukovo urgently sat airliner

Due to problems with the air conditioning system, the airport in the capital Vnukovo urgently sat airliner.

According to the information portal Avia .pro, airliner Boeing 737 flew the night before on the route Moscow - Anapa, however, after some time, the aircraft commander found technical failure of the air conditioning system, which is why it was decided to urgently return to the airport of departure.

On board the airliner were 56 passengers, however, none of them was hurt. Workers Capital Airport also reported that due to routine maintenance Anapa Airport, the flight can not take place despite the fact that the airline was ready to provide back-up aircraft, which is why the implementation of the flight was postponed to the next day.

The causes of the failure in the air conditioning system are not officially announced at the moment.