During the air show, "Aviadarts-2015" crashed Mi-28N

At an air show crashed helicopter near Ryazan Mi-28N.

The crash occurred during the execution of aerobatics, while on the captured frames it is clearly seen that the helicopter could not stop the rotation around its axis during a maneuver and hit the ground at high speed, after which a fire occurred. Unfortunately, as a result of the disaster that took place, doctors and resuscitation specialists did not manage to save one of the pilots - the serious injuries he received were incompatible with life. The second pilot of the aircraft managed to survive, however, according to news agency, he is currently in the hospital, but his condition is not reported.

At the moment, at the crash site of the Mi-28H “Night Hunter” helicopter, flight recorders are being searched for, however, according to investigators, the hydraulic system may be the main cause of the incident, while experts note that it’s still too early to call the official causes of the crash. at least until a proper investigation is carried out.

Among other things, it became known that the pilots who were aboard the Mi-28H helicopter tried to the last to prevent the helicopter from falling on the spectators present, which in turn could have more serious consequences accompanied by numerous casualties.


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