The collapse of Britain fighter


During the air show crashed fighter in the UK

In the UK, during the air show crashed fighter.

According to the information received by the editors of the news agency, it became known that the pilot of the fighter was performing aerobatics, however, after the next stunt, the aircraft was denied control. According to the data released by eyewitnesses of the plane crash, it became known that the pilot of the aircraft tried to regain control over the aircraft until the last moment, and at some point he managed to do this, which in turn made it possible to take the fighter away from the crowd of spectators, however, the pilot was unable to recruit the required speed and altitude, as a result of which, after a few seconds, the plane fell to the ground.

fighter pilot failed to eject, as a result he died, at the same time, experts believe that the pilot was trying to save hundreds of people against falling aircraft, which in turn did not allow him time to leave the aircraft cabin.

All the circumstances of the tragedy are currently set by investigators.


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