Military exercises


During NATO exercises in the Black Sea, a massive breakthrough of warships into Russian territorial waters is expected

The incident off the coast of Crimea was a test of the Russian defense.

The breakthrough of the British missile destroyer HMS Defender into Russian territorial waters could be a test of the defense of Russian borders. Taking into account the fact that large-scale military exercises "Sea Breeze 2021" will begin in the Black Sea in the coming days, there is a very high probability that several warships of NATO member countries and Ukraine can break into Russian territorial waters at once.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the North Atlantic Alliance realizes that Russia can attack ships, doing so without warning. In this regard, NATO will act very carefully. Nevertheless, there are real risks that NATO ships will try to break into Russian territorial waters again, especially after a British destroyer managed to do so with complete impunity.

Despite the fact that the incident took place three days ago, no details of what happened are still unknown. In particular, the very fact of how the escort ships of the Russian Navy could have missed the destroyer raises quite a few questions.


With what fright Ukrainian?

Passing, looking is not a fact, what to see, and hearing is not necessary to listen.
If you haven't noticed, the movement of the destroyer along a straight trajectory (aerial footage) took place before the negotiations and firing. From the video of their correspondent, who was on board the destroyer, you can clearly see the explosions ahead of the course.
Each patrol boat is on duty in squares of "districts", and not on the entire coast.
Its task is to “inform” and further “coordinate” without losing sight of it.
This is not Russian football, when the whole team (all the watchmen) are running after one ball, and goals are scored from empty sections of the field.
Before perestroika, I managed to once "ride" on a "regular" boat from Sevastopol to Sudak: a rather long distance in several hours.
You think one guard is hanging out at the entire distance.
Watchmen are "signalmen" armed with weapons from "poachers and smugglers."
Therefore, before the restructuring, the captain of such a ship went to "bulk" the destroyer, despite the fact that he brazenly did not "run away", but "whirled" in our waters.
Shooting from an AK of at least 30 caliber along the side is very clearly visible when the number of shells per second is at least 10 pieces. And if it's a 50 caliber?
In general, you seem to want it to be sunk otherwise "there was nothing."
At this point, you correctly expressed "The bottom line":
1. Keeping in mind the saying: “The Tsar ordered to have a haircut, and the heads are being cut off at the walls of the city,” we have an incorrect wording of orders / tasks.
It seems like you should shoot, but how and with what?
The mass media say the bombing "on course", but in the army itself, how is it "sounded"?
It seems not clear, since the commanders are so “nervous” when giving orders.
2. And how to shoot if all bombs and missiles using aiming devices are designed to hit “accurately”?
And here, where is that "point" to which you need to get? If only the destroyer itself.
So it is necessary to refine the aiming systems so that you can manually shift the "hit" from the "aiming point" by 100m?
Maybe that's why the "captains" are nervous: suddenly the sight will "aim" and the destroyer will blow the wheelhouse, like the Khokhlyatsky S-300 missile on maneuvers (in the 90s) re-aimed over the Black Sea and shot down a passenger plane.
In the remainder:
The solution to the problem "fire and forget" with a hitting accuracy of 1 meter gives rise to the problem of how to shoot "nearby" and not hit.
The international concept of "warning shooting" is becoming a poorly implemented measure.
If only from the officer's "revolver", so he will not be heard and will not be seen already on the next deck.
Therefore, even when shooting from the AK, one of the commanders could hear the nervous, raised voice of one of the commanders about shooting wherever you want, only with a guaranteed miss out on the destroyer.
In general, this is not a blockbuster with Stalone, but an objective reality (given to us in sensations, but not given in consciousness).

A good chance to test new types of weapons on them.

The violator did not change the course, see the trajectory of his movement. I should drink honey with your lips. The patrol ship was unable to catch up with the intruder. And do you really consider what we are shown "firing on the course"? It is more like a helpless shooting into the horizon, when the one you are trying to catch up has almost disappeared from sight.

In the dry residue:
1. The command of the border troops was clearly confused, therefore, the crew of the patrol ship was overprotected (instructions to ensure that they did not get into the Defender, etc.) in excess of the regular actions established by the regulations.
2. The patrol ship was unable to catch up with the intruder.
3. The shooting was carried out clearly not on the course, but in pursuit of a barely visible intruder practically in the other direction from the direction of his movement. And the statement of the Britons that they did not see the results of the shooting may well correspond to the truth - given the caliber of the gun mount and the direction of fire.
4. The bombing is a big question, because video evidence has never appeared.
5. Judging by the replicated image of Defender's trajectory, he did not run anywhere, but walked in one direction, practically without changing the course, that is, he left the RF terrorist command when the planned trajectory suggested it.
6. No formidable waving of fists by the press services and attempts to humiliate the adversary with dubious characteristics such as a "fat target" after a lost fight can replace the bold and professional actions of the corresponding power structures at the time of the violation. The moral victory is clearly on the side of the Britons, and the patrol ship stupidly did not catch up with the "fat target". There is nothing to boast about.
7. The upcoming NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea will demonstrate whether the RF Ministry of Defense has drawn at least some conclusions from the incident, since the upcoming new provocations (but with a large number of forces) are beyond doubt.

I am also an "aviation lover", but:
Everything is much simpler, taking into account the answer of the Anglo-Saxon consulate that they do not recognize our territories !!!
1. Since our countries do not border, then they can keep their "opinion" (reasoning) about our borders, because they are, to some extent, an “inland sea” of several states, which are guided by previously signed documents (treaties) on the admissibility of the use of the territory of this sea and to what extent this use is regulated by international law.
Those. "The opinion of the newcomers" about the recognition of the borders on the "internal sea" is of no interest to anyone. Information is communicated to them in a notification manner.
2. If between the Russian Federation and the Anglo-Saxons there is an agreement on "friendship and not attack", then all such agreements imply mandatory conditions for the exclusion of "provocative" actions in relation to the territories of the other side. Otherwise, such actions are a violation of the "essential terms of the contract."
In case of violation of the "essential terms of the contract", the other party has the right to consider that the contract has been terminated unilaterally.
Accordingly, a slow-speed boat (so that it could not catch up) is allowed to catch up with their "fashionable vessel" with a radio transmitter, which informs them that they must anchor before the arrival of the inspection group, otherwise they will be destroyed. And the fact of destruction during the "attempt to escape during arrest" is filmed with normal quality, and not somehow, as it was filmed and posted on the Internet (albeit with sound).
3. And no "warnings", tk. after we were officially notified of the non-recognition of our territories, if there was a "non-attack treaty", now it is not. This means that the lost souls of sailors will be on the conscience of their professional captain.
And if we do not have a valid “non-attack agreement” between us, it’s even easier: to convey to the ambassador the “rules of conduct for the detention of ships” and the consequences of its failure. And we smoke bamboo by launching several quadcopters with good cameras for shooting "blockbusters" into the air.
In summary:
If our bomber, flying along the borders of amerikosov, opens the bomb bay, it can be immediately shot down.
And why are we "quietly admiring" the "scow" with 50 missiles on board?

We will adequately welcome the guests with ultra-modern gifts, it is guaranteed that there will be no one back to their homeland.

Long ago not Ukrainian waters.

During NATO exercises in the Black Sea, a massive breakthrough of warships into Russian territorial waters is expected.
This is what the OBS news agency reported?

Well, if the British declared that the Russians did not shoot at them, but carried out training firing, then in the event of a different scenario, we will continue "training firing". And of course - in the top ten.

Think what he writes about, this is the beginning of a war, not an analysis of the state of the fleet

The breakthrough of the corrals into the Russian therweds, this is the beginning of World War 3, think about what you are writing about ...

I ask you to notice, in the Ukrainian waters!

The question of Yeltsin remains open: ... how did we, the people, allow Yeltsin to come to power? ... the rest is clear.

NATO ships "fat targets" for "Bastions" ...

Not weak, but plundered. If all the stolen goods were used to modernize the fleet, it would be possible to isolate the United States from two oceans.

Our economy is weak. We cannot build modern ships. There is no scientific base, no specialists. Lagged behind Western countries in technology. Thanks to the late Yeltsin for the Holy Years.

Patrol ships are not border posts and do not stand in anticipation of the intruder! Defender's cowardly race at maximum pairs, taking into account the speeds and radius of intersection of the initial course, completely achieved its goal - the intruder was identified IMMEDIATELY when crossing the border - once! outpost - SU24 at sea) to intercept (arrest) called - three !, and the violator abruptly changed course and drifted into neutral waters - four! The goal is achieved! What else do you need from the patrolmen ??? Well done!

And where did you get the idea that they missed the destroyer? No one pursued him, the task was to push him out of ter. Waters .... Capturing a destroyer is stupid ...

Alexander, can I ask you to justify "where they missed it"?
As far as we know from Cape Fiolent, the destroyer was deployed. from interviews (now already in the media) with the officers of this ship, they sharply realized that Russia would BEAT and possibly hard. The main English tradition that went into the proverb is "to leave the Ro-English". that is, quietly, quickly and pretend that you did not go at all)))

24.11. 2020 USS John S. McCain (DDG-56) went 2 kilometers beyond the Russian maritime border in Peter the Great Gulf. Tracking the destroyer BPK Pacific Fleet "Admiral Vinogradov" on the international communication channel warned the American ship about the use of a ramming maneuver to drive out the intruder, after which he left the Russian waters, entering neutral waters.
That's their whole nature .... to shit and wash away, preferably quickly, but peace and cooperation are needed, at least in Healthcare.

For "pollux1".

Russian patrol ships of project 22460 "Okhotnik", diesel engines 4 × 16V4000M73L "MTU" (5 first),
4 × CHD622V20 "HND".
Power - 4 × 2839 KW (3860 HP) and 4 × 3129 KW (4254 HP).
4 horsepower is enough to patrol a 250 mile zone.

The speed of 28 knots is 51 km / h.
The destroyer "Defender" has a speed of 30 knots, which is approximately 55,4 km / h.
Well, don't be honest, I ask you, it's not such a big difference - they don't take part in the races.
The task of the coast guard is to warn the intruder and call in suitable forces (Aviation or coastal missile system ....)

Well, we don't have so many high-speed ships that reach speeds over 35 knots. An old tug or an auxiliary ship, which puffs a maximum of 12 knots, is allocated for escort. On some video it was seen how the Russian Coast Guard boat approached on the port side, the Englishman increased the speed, and ours remained far astern. Shoot, don't shoot with your fart, nothing
came out until the plane was called. I repeat once again, we do not make engines for ships, but what we have. either old or Ukrainian, but ours are not economical and not fast.

But the main thing is clear. The Russian Federation has one less ally. This is the fleet. They let me through in the Gulf of Peter the Great, in the Baltic and here on the Black Sea. In the north, Norwegians walk wherever they want.
The navy disgraced the memory of Admiral Kuznetsoa.