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During the strikes of Israeli F-16s on Syria, Russia raised its warplanes into the sky.

Russia saw the approach of Israeli fighters and flew its military aircraft into the sky.

About a day ago, the Israeli side again attempted to launch missile strikes on Syrian territory, however, almost immediately after the Israeli warplanes took off, Russia raised its fighters into the sky, apparently preparing to intercept or even hit hostile targets.

Information that the Russian military was aware of the situation with Israel's intentions to strike at the territory of Syria is presented by the information resource "Sentry Syria", according to which, at 1:39 local time, the Russian military aircraft headed in the southeast direction from airbases “Hamim”apparently intending to operate in the skies over Damascus.



Around the same time, Israeli planes, having taken off from the southern part of the country, headed towards Lebanon and then from the eastern Mediterranean Sea they struck a number of targets in the north-west of the Arab Republic.

At the moment, there are no official comments from representatives of the Russian defense department on this matter, however, serious concern is caused by the fact that the strikes were actually delivered through the airspace above the Khmeimim airbase - the destroyed target is located only 20 kilometers away, and the missiles themselves allegedly flew 1-3 kilometers from a Russian military airfield.