In the second half of April, unique Russian tanks "Black Eagle" will appear in the NVO zone

Today it became known that in the second half of April, the newest Black Eagle tanks will appear in the NVO zone. These tanks were developed back in the late 90s, but only now they are ready for mass production. Information on this subject was voiced by Mikhail Polynkov.

The main difference between the Black Eagle and other tanks is the new turret and gun. The tank is equipped with a 152 mm cannon, which can destroy both tanks and fortified structures at long distances. Also mounted on the turret are twin 7,62 mm machine guns and a remote anti-aircraft gun with a 12,7 mm Kord machine gun.

New gas turbine engine with a capacity of more than 1500 liters. With. allows the Black Eagle to reach high speed and have excellent dynamic characteristics. With a combat weight of 48 tons, the specific power of the tank exceeded 30 liters. s. / t, which is significantly superior to Western tanks of the third generation.

According to Polynov, mass production of these tanks has now begun and they will be delivered to the troops in the coming months. The "Black Eagle" will become a reliable and effective weapon for the Russian army, providing it with an advantage on the battlefield. However, there are no official statements in this regard from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Black Eagle is a modern tank developed in Russia in the late 1990s based on the T-80U tank and introduced in 1997. The tank got its name from the black color of the turret and roof. However, according to official figures, only two samples of such tanks were produced in total.


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