Voenkor Lisitsyn: units of the 208th Cossack Regiment managed to liberate the village of Dibrovo

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were driven out of the settlement of Dibrovo, Luhansk region.

Units of the 208th Cossack Regiment managed to liberate the settlement of Dibrovo, located in the west of the Luhansk region. According to the Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Lisitsyn, at the moment the settlement of Dibrovo is under the complete control of the Russian unit, while the offensive on Liman is being developed.

“The 208th Cossack Regiment went on the offensive on Krasny Liman (Liman - ed.), the Cossacks liberated the settlement of Dibrovo”, - reports Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Lisitsyn.

Details to the current moment remain unknown, since the units of the 208th Cossack Regiment occupied the settlement of Dibrovo in the late evening, however, an unexpected attack on Dibrovo and success in this direction allow us to quickly launch an attack on Liman.

At the same time, until now, it was not assumed that the Ukrainian troops occupied this settlement - it was believed that the latter, after the appearance of the Ukrainian military in the settlement of Torskoye, was located in the so-called "gray zone".

On October 1, Russian units were withdrawn from the settlement of Liman in the Donetsk People's Republic due to the threat of encirclement.


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