Military correspondents announced front-line reports on the contact line


Military correspondents announced front-line reports on the contact line

The Zaporozhye Front remains without significant changes. Positional battles continue in the Rabotino area and northwest of Verbovoy. Both sides are conducting active defensive and offensive actions, but there are no significant movements of the front line.

Offensive actions by Russian troops continue on the Donetsk front. In the area of ​​​​the settlement of Konstantinovka and towards Maksimilyanovka, northwest of the liberated Georgievka, Russian troops intensified. In Krasnogorovka, Russian troops have advanced from the eastern side, and fighting continues in the central part of the city. In Karlovka and Yasnobrodovka, fighting is concentrated on the outskirts of settlements, where Russian troops achieved tactical successes in the Sokol area.

The Chasovoyarsk direction also remains in the spotlight. With the support of aviation and artillery, Russian troops continue their assault on the eastern suburb of Chasov Yar. Further south, in the Bogdanovka area, Russian troops were able to improve their positions, which complicates the situation for the Ukrainian garrison in the area.

On the Kharkov front the situation remains stable with minor changes. Fighting continues in the central part of Volchansk, where Russian troops have made minor advances. In the Glybokoye area, the Ukrainian Armed Forces again tried to attack, but to no avail.


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