Russian air defense
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Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense


Military aviation of NATO countries staged a reconnaissance siege of the Kaliningrad region

The Kaliningrad region found itself in a "reconnaissance siege" of NATO aircraft.

Despite the refusal of a number of NATO countries to conduct their military exercises near the borders of Russia, The United States creates a serious threat to Russia, sending reconnaissance aircraft almost to the very borders of the country's airspace. Provocative flights are carried out almost round the clock. At the same time, the approach to the borders of Russia is critical, although the Russian side is trying to ignore NATO's actions and not go to provocations.

The presented image shows flights of reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries near the borders of the Kaliningrad region. According to Twitter user Manu Gomez, a similar situation was observed a day earlier. Judging by the density of flights, it can be stated that the Kaliningrad region is literally under siege, although the borders of Russia have not been violated.

A similar situation is observed near the Russian border this morning. So, from an airbase in Sweden, a reconnaissance aircraft was raised into the sky, which began to patrol the airspace over the Baltic Sea. In addition, two reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force operate in the airspace of neighboring Lithuania, and an RC-135V electronic reconnaissance aircraft has moved from an airbase in the UK towards the Russian borders.

Given the current situation, the Russian military is likely to start using electronic countermeasures. This will force NATO to abandon further provocations, especially since the use of electronic warfare equipment is envisaged in the West-2021 exercises.

There will be no inadequate measures, but they want to freeze SP2 in order to raise the cost-effective price for us gas workers

Any normal person and citizen of Russia understands the intentions of the NATO military forces, which are acting at the direction of the US Pentagon - provocations, military provocations on the border of Europe, Asia and Russia. But what if? The Russians will make a mistake in countering these provocations, and NATO representatives will have reason to present to all countries of the world that Russia's measures in opposition are inadequate.