A military cap for 4,5 thousand rubles and a military winter suit for 210 thousand rubles outraged the Russians

Incredible prices for military uniforms from the Gardarika Design Bureau outraged the Russians.

The Moscow company LLC OKB Gardarika (Experimental Design Bureau of Gardarika) presented a new uniform for the military in the special operation zone. The uniform itself was appreciated, however, its cost caused outrage among both ordinary citizens and the military.

The new form is made taking into account the experience of conducting a special military operation and the requirements of the military. The new uniform was developed specifically for the Russian defense department over the course of two years, however, the cost of uniforms that appeared on the website is clearly too high.

The Russians drew attention to the fact that for completely unknown reasons, an ordinary military-style cap turned out to be extremely expensive and comparable to world-famous brands - its cost is 4500 rubles. No less expensive is the neckband, the cost of which is 4000 rubles. As for kits, the cost here, depending on its type, is up to 210 thousand rubles.

What exactly caused such a high cost of the uniform and how much it would cost in this case to maintain the Russian army, numbering more than a million military personnel, remains unknown.


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