Military-industrial courier: US will destroy Russian nuclear submarines Yasen and Borey before they leave the harbor

Russia has criticized the capabilities of the Russian nuclear submarines Borey and Yasen.

Russian nuclear submarines Yasen and Borey may not have time to leave the harbor, and they will most likely be destroyed by American anti-submarine aircraft in the event of a large-scale military conflict. The reason is not at all a certain imperfection of the Russian nuclear submarines or the superiority of the American anti-submarine aviation, but is connected with the lack of protection of Russian submarines - both when leaving the Russian Navy bases and when moving to a designated area.

“Nuclear submarines have one fundamental difference. Even if the enemy was able, using various types of reconnaissance, to establish a more or less accurate location of the submarine underwater, it would not work immediately to use strategic weapons on it. First you need to send aircraft to the base patrol aviation (BPA), multipurpose submarines with the task of attacking and destroying the SSBN. And it is not a fact that the enemy will solve this problem. If our strategic submarine is covered by sufficient forces, then its destruction in a short time becomes extremely problematic for him. Even at the slowest speed (6–7 knots), the SSBN is able to cover 260–310 kilometers in any direction in a day. In this case, the number of warheads thrown by one submarine may be under a hundred (on 16 missiles). while there are no signs that BMZ ships capable of effectively fighting submarines will be laid down in the near future in the required quantity. The ordering departments of the RF Ministry of Defense must take into account that neglect of anti-submarine defense issues in the future could result in a loss of military stability of our strategic submarines, which in turn will call into question the security of the Russian Federation ”- приводит information publication "Military Industrial Courier."

In turn, experts pay attention to the fact that, in reality, Russian military bases have a very large cover zone, and therefore, with the release of submarines into the open sea, there can be no problems at all.

“This is more of a far-fetched problem than a real threat. We have repeatedly faced the fact that in a small area, American troops can’t even find Russian submarines, not to mention finding the submarines in the ocean and trying to destroy them before they become their target. ”, - the analyst notes.

Since they are eating there, then on the armor it is necessary to equip tables for the seats too!

With real hostilities, planes will not reach missile launch! Lie down earlier! And missile defense and air defense wherever they go! But the answer cannot fly, no?

And why would they go straight from the US harbor and destroy them, there would be an order!

and who said that they will be in the harbor .. ?? when all the boats do not get together for a joke ... in case of a mess, all the boats go on combat duty and you can find them only in the ocean unless of course they can ..))))))))

You already somehow decide, in your reasoning ...)))))) If the Russian Federation ate the raw material colony of the Great Mattress Strip then why the hell are they then stubbornly training to destroy their colony ??? What resources will they no longer need? And if the Russian Federation is a colony ... then where does this colony have such strategic objects that you need to constantly learn to destroy? ... Or is it still an independent state that still needs to be able to (learn) to destroy? ... And if only they conduct exercises but do not smash like Libya, Syria, etc. ... then all the same, they’ll spectacle directly contacting the strategic objects of "their colony" of the Russian Federation ....))))

Probably, it might even destroy it. Only in the USA nobody will know about it. At the place where the United States was, two oceans will meet.

And who said that Kursk was the best project, for example, in 97 at the KTOF, when they conducted exercises at sea on the search and destruction of nuclear submarines, it never happened that 949a project was the first to find my 971 project, we always found it first, respectively hydrofoil they received a package on board, and then we got their answer, well, the torpedo was fired accordingly, but of course not according to the bearing of the discovered target, but according to the place established by the teachings. including apple, and electric devices under 533 mm aren’t the main one. Kursk, having 650 mm torpedo tubes like us, never used them in reality, and before the tragic incident, such weapons did not load on board and had practically no experience of maintenance or control , no operation, and hydrogen peroxide is a hefty dangerous thing and does not forgive mistakes.

They are not a harbor. They are already 500 miles from New York.

We’re an evil empire, we’re spoiling everywhere. Putin cannot give up his ego, therefore Russia does not join NATO. As well: the principle that I want to turn it over will not work. Forging us Shoigu with his generals? Rosguards with the FSO and the FSB? The answer is simple: so that Putin rules forever. Do we need it?

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You cannot even answer for yourself, but you threaten the whole world

If the Japanese settle on the Kuril Islands, then not only boats will not go into the ocean - surface ships will not leave the inland sea.

Yes, in the USSR the economy was mainly focused on the military-industrial complex, this is the difference with the Russian Federation. One way or another, all enterprises worked for the army.

Dreams, dreams ...... while they shy away from our "silent harpies")

A part of the Russian Navy’s nuclear submarines are constantly located in the field of military service. At the same time, some of the boats are on constant duty in the area of ​​their bases and can at any time go to the open sea. In addition, the author probably does not know, the range of the missiles is such that the nuclear submarine can launch missiles directly from the pier without going to sea. In addition, --- the wedge light did not converge on the nuclear submarine - THERE IS THE NECESSARY STRATEGY IN THE EVENT OF MILITARY ACTIONS TOTAL. TO DESTROY THE USA, AND THEY KNOW IT EXCELLENTLY. A nuclear explosion in the Atlantic submarine fault area. Plus- PERIMETER system. And the melting glacier in Greenland. We hope that 1941 will not happen again.

They write, they will not have time to leave the base, because American aviation will destroy them. And who will let this American aircraft to the base? She is still approaching the borders will be destroyed.

She can shoot from the base from the pier. The main thing is that the crew and those conditions would allow it, and where the boat itself is located is not very important. It is important to shoot the first !!!

So at first everything seemed to be bad
and then it turned out that there was nowhere worse.

Yes there will be no attack) Calm down. Children and grandchildren of our rulers (Putin, Lavrov, Peskov, Zolotov, etc.) live in the west! Do you think that they will give an order to strike at Western countries in response? Yes, they better die themselves (along with our children)!

Of course there is, it's not Ukraine!

And you come to Severodvinsk or Severomorsk. And try this question to ask the locals ... May God grant you health ..

Kursk they found

Everything is lost, boss, we are done, it’s time to give up quickly, but they will wish us!

They will destroy America without moving anywhere, directly from the pier.))))

Some kind of nonsense: if it comes to trying to hit the submarines at the base, then 99%, that by this time the states will be scorched earth, like Russia and Europe.

I can help get a job in the Navy, I agree?

I can help get a job in the Navy, I agree?

the boat may leave the harbor a month before the operation. and then try to find her

Ameriki elementary reach our territorial borders !!! Nowadays, flights of American strategic bombers and reconnaissance aircraft near our borders have become more frequent. These bombers, insolently, without invading our territory, without violating our state borders, imitate a military attack on our strategic military installations and, like the Russian Federation, does not neutralize these training, strategic actions of American aviation !!! Why???? Because RFiya is an economic colony of the USA !!!!

Ooo rf does not have a navy, but Russia has a beautiful, powerful, modern navy that is ready to fulfill its tasks, as well as missile forces, aviation, and ground forces. And it’s not for you, it’s rude to judge Russia and its armed forces.


The military-industrial courier is, first and foremost, the mouthpiece of the CIA, and not some serious publication, the main purpose of which is to show how everything is bad with us. Submarine missile carriers are not being built to stand at the pier, but to secretly perform military service in the vast expanses of the oceans with a given frequency ... But even those that stand at the pier are ready to shoot at any given targets without giving up mooring lines. Similar exercises are held regularly. And in order to destroy them in the base, you still need to fly to this base, both to the plane and to the rocket. And I very much doubt that our command has forgotten about such a threat from the outside. And all such stuffing is more like a cowardly bowel movement of imaginary failed experts stuck back in the 90s, when the fleet was tied to piers with steel ropes.

That's right, this is a finger-sucked problem.
Actually, this is what distinguishes the Military-Industrial Courier - the escalation of fear based on fabrications.

These apls can crash from the pier_

"Kursk" (the kingdom of heaven to the whole crew) was the best in the world at that time ...
You can get everyone and everything.

I would like to understand the logic of the articles, I haven’t read any more or less robust logic, why go somewhere in the region, now it’s 1945, at least read elementary military doctrines and then write, well, look ridiculous.

Ani that will shoot at their children?)))

And why then do you need to build strategic nuclear submarines if the mine installations can be mounted on a barge and shoot from the pier? If everything had been so simple, then mobile Yars was not required ...

Why should the boat stand at the base? She is always on a campaign, on combat duty, far from her native shores, deep under water. In addition to those on those. maintenance: but their units are from those in the ranks.

The entire coast is populated and built up very densely, both eastern and western. Patience is running out, we will not go anywhere. Soon they will answer even for the Indians.

You might think that American anti-submarine aircraft flies over the territory of Russia. She still needs to break through, and this oh how difficult it is ....

No need to say gop until you jump over!

And the anti-submarine American aircraft may not reach the harbor of the nuclear submarines Yasen and Borey and will most likely be destroyed by Russian air defense systems.

Are these antediluvian "Poseidons"?
The dill at the computers was completely overheated ... Here, their "anti-submarine aircraft" engines just won’t have time to start.

Does ooo rf have a navy?

there is a slight difference between today's rf and the then ussr ---- economy

Boats DO NOT need a way out of Russian bases to carry out an attack. LCD bases are problematic to attack. And given that never all boats are at the bases, the attack will be carried out from the bases and places of deployment at the time of the order. Hello to all the experts.

Hitler thought so too

Why leave the base if you can cover the whole of America without departing from the pier with all the boats you can eat at the bases.

Why write such an article. First we write that everything is bad, a pause, but generally not bad. You already decide first, then write

The analyst is in full swing that the main task of the Russian Navy is precisely to ensure the deployment of the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation in a threatened (special) period ???
And the boats, upon reaching the positions, will be covered by the whole fleet and naval aviation.
These are the basics, like 2X2 = 4.
This is dogma.
I am sure that this "analyst" dictation for the 7th grade will not write above the top three, but he is crawling into discussions about the confrontation of the fleets ...
Sergey Viktorovich, correcting points, about people like your “analyst”