DPR militia


Servicemen of NM LPR: without Russia's help, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will seize Donbass in less than a week

The LPR recognized the lack of the ability to resist the Ukrainian army.

Against the background of the announced military operation in Donbass by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, panic began among the resistance forces of the Lugansk People's Republic. According to local militias, if the Russian military does not support the LPR units, then the Ukrainian troops will capture Donbass in just a week. An opinion on this matter was shared by the Luhansk publicist, a soldier of the People's Militia Yegor Mitin.

According to Mitin, the militia forces do not have the means to successfully resist the four times larger army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, concentrated in the Donbass.

“If Russia for some reason abandons us, it’s a matter of a couple of days and we will all perish. Even in the case of an ideal scenario for us (when we hold out for several days while help comes from Russia), everyone understands that there will be few survivors. Debaltsev's success now, most likely, would be unlikely. Chaos in the ranks of the enemy can only be brought about by significantly superior forces. "- said a serviceman of the People's Militia Yegor Mitin.

A few days ago, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said on the beginning of the offensive of the Ukrainian troops in several directions of the front at once.

It is noteworthy that NATO is also planning to provide assistance, in particular, earlier Canada expressed its readiness to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine both from the air by transferring CF-18 fighters to Ukraine, and from the sea, by sending their warships to the Black Sea.


Typical propaganda from the pro-Western neo-Nazi illegitimate authorities in Kiev: talk about alleged terrorists and Russian aggression. Since then, we have seen who act with terror ...

Everyone is just such reasoners and strategists on the couch.

Putin? This is not what he said: if a fight is inevitable, then you have to hit first? Judging by the deeds, not the one ...

The main thing is that the Russian army, which is preparing to invade Ukraine, does not start hostilities with the Russian army, which invaded Ukraine 7 years ago ...))))

Let NATO take more diapers for itself

Typical Russian disinformation, since it is quite obvious that the so-called "militias" are a fiction of Russian propaganda and the battles are being waged by the Russian regular army. The description of the plight of the "militias" is an attempt to prepare society for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine

If the LPR and DPR surrender, it will be the beginning of the end. Everyone understands perfectly well, now - a trial by force, if we squeeze the LPNR, then we will squeeze the Crimea. The war in Donbass is not for the LPNR, this is a war for the Crimea

for some reason I thought the same

It's not about panic at all. This is an understanding of the real balance of power. It is even more difficult to fight when you see how you are betrayed all around: both your "bosses" and the Kremlin ones ...
Motorola and Zakharchenko have not been avenged?

lures the APU ...

See, guys, what a thing, you have an ally Putin, and they have NATO. Now who will win.

Who does not know the famous Luhansk alarmist Yegor Mitin? Yes, he will betray his mother out of fear. He walks, creates panic!



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