Russian helicopters


Military of the United States discovered in Syria Russian combat helicopters

The US military has found in Syria four Russian combat helicopter.

According to the official US agencies, thanks to exploration conducted on one of the Syrian airfields were reported finding 4 Russian combat helicopters, what showed markings on their sides. However, formal evidence on this subject have been published, and therefore the experts suggest that the information provided by the military of the United States is nothing more than a provocation, as it has been observed far more than once.

Among other things, experts do not exclude that the helicopters could really be made in Russia, but their presence on the territory of Syria may be due to daveshny supply, as it was done, and with the supply of Russian fighter about 3 weeks ago.

Information portal said that earlier the US government called on countries neighboring Syria to close its airspace for Russian planes with humanitarian aid because of fears that Russia may supply the Syrian army weapons.


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