North Korean military opens artillery fire as South Korean troops approach border

Pyongyang suppressed an attempt by South Korean soldiers to approach the border with the DPRK with artillery fire.

A dangerous incident happened last night. According to, for unknown reasons, South Korean military personnel tried to approach the border of the DPRK, as a result of which the command of the North Korean army ordered to open artillery fire in the direction of the sea. As a result of multiple artillery strikes, the activity of the South Korean army was successfully suppressed.

The incident on the border of the DPRK and South Korea is very serious and, in fact, almost led to serious consequences for the entire region. The reason for the approach of the South Korean army to the borders of the DPRK could be an attempt to arrange a provocation, however, powerful artillery salvos forced the South Korean army to retreat.

Seoul has yet to comment on the incident. However, earlier Pyongyang sternly warned the South Korean authorities that it was ready to take extremely harsh measures for any attempt to approach the borders of the DPRK and create a threat.


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