NATO warships blocked Russian ships near Kaliningrad region

NATO warships blocked the passage of Russian ships in the Kaliningrad region.

A few hours ago, it became known that NATO warships and aviation blocked the exit of Russian ships from the territorial waters of Russia to the Baltic Sea.

As can be seen on the schematic map, the Russian ships were almost completely blocked out of territorial waters, with the exception of small corridors in the north and west. This is due primarily to the ongoing large-scale military exercises, however, the experts saw in them a rather serious threat, since NATO warships and combat aviation can work out a real combat operation against the Russian military.

It is reported that NATO decided not to reckon with the fact that the blockade of the area in the Baltic Sea could somehow affect the movement of Russian military and civilian naval vessels. The only thing the North Atlantic Alliance countries warned about was that ships sailing through this area "should take into account the situation."

It should be clarified that NATO is increasingly conducting large-scale military exercises at a relatively close distance from the Russian borders, which only increases the tension of Russia's relations with the West.

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Journalists call the situation - they blocked it. In this place, NATO's ships are defenseless against aviation. We will rewind them in this place in ten minutes.

No need to pump on level ground nonsense. If NATO maneuvers somehow restricted navigation, and blocked Russian civilian and military ships, the Russian Foreign Ministry would have long ago spoken about this.

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They also clearly wrote to you: "NATO blocked the exit of Russian ships to the Baltic Sea." The General Staff of Russia, headed by the Minister of Defense, will now long think whether to declare a note of protest or wash our snot, as has been done more than once lately.

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So all the same - blocked or prudently warned that "should take into account the situation"?

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All this blockade is removed in minutes by parts of the BoRH. naval aviation and the fleet itself.

Interesting news. And how did the Russian Navy react to this? See, guys, you will finish playing, you will get so much that you will not carry it away. It's dangerous - to bully Russia.