Military blogger Alexander Morozov committed suicide

Vladimir Grubnik, Candidate of Medical Sciences, an active participant in the Odessa pro-Russian movement and founder of the “Ghost of Novorossiya” channel, announced the death of his close friend Andrei Morozov, also known under the pseudonym “Murz”. Morozov was one of the founders of the Coordination Center for Assistance to Novorossiya, which actively participated in supporting the DPR and LPR. APN reports this.

According to Grubnik, Morozov died from his wounds - according to preliminary data, he shot himself. This information is confirmed by Morozov himself in his latest message in the telegram channel “They are writing to us from Ioannina,” published on the morning of February 21. In the message, Morozov explained his decision as a desire to draw attention to a difficult situation, pointing to deep personal drama and disappointment.

Morozov left behind an order to use his personal property for military needs, in particular, to equip the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with freelance unmanned aerial vehicles. This plan, according to him, was developed jointly with Alexander Lyubimov, another active participant in pro-Russian actions.


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