"Military Observer": Russian Su-35S shot down its own fighter from a cannon - the crew survived

Due to the error of the Su-35 pilots, a Russian military aircraft was shot down.

During the training battle, the crew of the Russian Su-35S fighter did not make sure that there was no ammunition for the aircraft cannon, and in close combat accidentally shot their own plane. The crew of the latter was able to survive only by a miracle, having managed to eject before the fighter turned into a ball of fire.

“Unconfirmed reports are circulating on the network that the Russian Su-30SM fighter from the Hotilovo airbase, which crashed today in the Tver region ... was shot down by its own Su-35S fighter from an aircraft cannon, the ammunition of which was negligently forgotten to battle. The wreckage of the plane has not yet been found. Both crew members are safe. They catapulted ", - the Russian "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer" informs about it.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet provided official comments on the reasons for the incident, however, as experts note, such negligence is quite widespread and therefore could well have taken place, especially since a number of Internet communities devoted to military topics have declared the clear superiority of the Russian Su- 35 over the Su-30 after it became known that a combat aircraft crashed in the Tver region.