Orlando International Airport


An armed passenger tried to get on board an American airline

At the airport Orlando was detained by an armed passenger.

Upon check-in, the police decided to check the passenger’s personal belongings, and during a thorough examination, the Ruger P85 and 10 5,6 mm cartridges were found on the man’s men. to him. It is reported that the passenger tried to escape, however, he was almost immediately detained by the police.

The intentions of the detained man are still unknown, however, it is possible that the handgun found in the hand luggage could be used by a passenger on board the aircraft, which remains to be determined in the framework of the investigation.

It should be clarified that due to the legalization of weapons in the US, such a case at Orlando International Airport is far from the only one, in particular, since the beginning of this year, 91 has been detained for attempting to carry weapons on board the aircraft.