Turkish F-16 armed with missiles intercepts Russian military aircraft

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet intercepted a Russian military aircraft.

A few hours ago, it became known that a Turkish F-16 fighter was raised to intercept a Russian military aircraft. The fighter was armed with missiles and acted quite aggressively, approaching the Russian aircraft at a dangerous distance. According to the information provided, a Turkish combat aircraft was raised on alert after a Russian Il-38 military reconnaissance aircraft reportedly approached NATO borders with disabled transponders.

According to information provided by the media, the incident took place near the borders of the Polish airspace. The Ukrainian publication "Military Navigator" described the Russian Il-38 as an intruder, although its flight was carried out in international airspace.

“Turkish F-16 fighters, which are deployed in northern Poland as part of a NATO air patrol mission, intercepted an unknown plane on Tuesday, July 20. This is reported by the command of the NATO Air Force. "Turkish F-16s from the Malbork airbase (Poland), as part of the Air Policing Mission, carried out their first interception of an unknown aircraft today (July 20 - ed.)," The message says. It is reported that allied fighters are working around the clock to identify aircraft without a flight plan or without an included transponder (friend or foe identification system) in order to protect the airspace of the allies ", - said in the published material.

It should be noted that this is the first incident in the skies over the Baltic, when Turkish fighters take to the air to intercept a Russian combat aircraft. In reality, only the procedure for identifying and escorting a Russian military aircraft was carried out, albeit with obvious violations by NATO.

the interception took place strictly according to international rules and within the framework of security

Quote from the text: "... to intercept a Russian combat aircraft ...."
I would like to note that the Il-38 is NOT a combat aircraft, although it is a military one.

and where were our fighters? where was their persistence?