Funnel over 10 meters: video of VKS strikes on action films published

VKS strikes do not leave the militants any chance of salvation.

The Russian Air Force combat aircraft continues to actively attack terrorist positions in the Syrian province of Idlib. The consequences of one of these attacks were published by social networks, and incredibly surprised the world community - as a result of an air strike, a huge funnel with a diameter of at least 8-10 meters was formed.

In the presented video, you can see that the depth of the funnel left as a result of the impact of an unknown aircraft of the Russian aerospace forces is much more than human growth, and is about 4 meters, while its estimated diameter is 8-10 meters.

According to experts, such a funnel could have been left by the FAB-500 high-explosive bomb, while it is clear that if such a bomb falls into the position of terrorists, the latter will hardly be able to save any shelter.

Social networks reacted very lively to the published video.

“If only one bomb of the Russians leaves such a funnel, imagine what a massive discharge could suit them”

“Getting under such a blow, all those within the radius of defeat can be safely dumped into the formed crater”

It should be clarified that in many respects only thanks to the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian army managed to succeed in attacking the militants and terrorists in Idlib.