US Navy destroyer entering Black Sea waters received warnings about missile targeting

An American destroyer that appeared in the Black Sea received a warning that it was being targeted.

After an American missile destroyer entered the Black Sea a few days ago, it became known that the Russian military conducted a unique exercise involving the Bal coastal missile systems. It is reported that the strikes were practiced against the Russian ship Pytlivy, however, given the fact that the Russian military scanned naval targets within the radius of the entire destruction of the Bal ballistic missile system, the crew of the American destroyer received a warning that it was being scanned and directed rockets at him.



In the presented video frames, one can see the coordinated actions of the Russian military to practice strikes against sea targets from the territory of Crimea. In order to avoid any provocations, the Russian military carried out "electronic launches", however, naval targets within the radius of destruction of Russian DBKs were scanned for real.

It should be noted that the Russian military greeted the appearance of the American warship Donald Cook in the waters of the Black Sea very harshly - tracking began as soon as the latter entered the Black Sea, after which no less than six Russian combat aircraft worked out its defeat.

Are there any protests?))

They will not bring it right now, just to divert attention from the protests.

Performance characteristics of the Bal coastal missile system. Range of destruction: - missile Kh-35 - 120 km - missile Kh-35U - 260 km

If the actors are sober, then "coordinated action" is always successful on stage. Only the War Theater is not a stage. While the score in favor of amers is close to devastating. Starting from the Peter the Great Bay.

260 kilometers missile x-35u. look at the Yandex map, and see what these numbers are. between Turkey and Russia 260 kilometers in the narrowest place, smart guy

At the ballistic missile complex "Ball" the maximum range of destruction is 120 km. No Cookies have ever approached the Crimea closer than 500 km. Who is under what sight?