Restored the full picture of the SSJ-100 catastrophe in Sheremetyevo and the guilty ones

Restored the full picture of the SSJ-100 disaster at Sheremetyevo.

Experts restored events that occurred aboard the passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100), caught fire after landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. What happened there on May 5th is described in the pages of the Kommersant newspaper, referring to sources close to the investigation.

After take-off, 15 minutes passed, and in the nose of the plane, in fact, was struck by lightning. The storm protection tripped, disconnecting the generators. The liner switched to power supply from the batteries and into the direct flight control mode. The SSJ-100 operating manual states that it does not require an immediate landing and a distress alert. In this mode, the aircraft can be in the air for quite a long time, and the pilots have the opportunity to land in a calm atmosphere at the nearest airfield. If the need arises, you can go to the second round.

As shown by the data of the parametric recorder, the pilots were able to come in at the second attempt. They maintained the desired speed, but flew over the estimated landing point. Above the middle of the runway the plane was still flying. To carry out the landing, the pilots began to “press” SSJ-100 to the strip.

Immediately before touching the runway chassis, the pilots sharply increased the engine operating conditions and lowered the nose of the aircraft. As experts are confident, such a maneuver was the one that led to the disaster. Initially, there was a strong compression of the landing gear, which threw the plane up. This was followed by several liner bounces from the runway. The rear racks of the chassis were pressed through the fuel tanks, the kerosene leaking from them caught fire.

According to experts, the mistake of the crew was to attempt to land the liner after the “goat”. The instruction manual for such a case provides a recommendation to stop landing after the first rebound and proceed to an emergency take-off.

As a result of the crash of the SSJ-100 of Aeroflot airlines, which occurred on May 5 at Sheremetyevo Airport, the tail end of the liner caught fire. The death toll was 41 people, including one flight attendant. The 33 passenger and four crew members survived the crash.