Rebuilt Afghan army slaughters over 300 Taliban in just 3 hours

The Taliban, sent to seize uncontrolled territories, were able to hold out in the battle for only 3 hours.

After the Taliban terrorist movement announced that it would take the still uncontrolled areas in northern Afghanistan by force and send a large detachment of militants there, it became known that the restored Afghan army took only three hours to destroy the terrorists. It is reported that out of a thousand militants, 300 terrorists were killed within three hours, while another two hundred were wounded, in connection with which the Taliban retreated in disgrace.

“Under the leadership of the leader of the local resistance, Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh, in the Afghan province of Baghlan, an ambush was organized on the way of the Taliban movement (the organization is banned in Russia). According to preliminary data, the resistance killed 300 militants, "BBC journalist Yalda Hakim said on her Twitter page. “Update from resistance to Taliban - they tell me: Taliban ambushed in Andarab Baghlan province. At least 300 Taliban fighters were killed, ”Hakim wrote. In addition, the journalist published photographs of the Taliban captured during the ambush. ", - the newspaper "" reports.

In just a week, Taliban terrorists have lost about a thousand people in uncontrolled areas. At the same time, several hundred militants were injured, not to mention the fact that the forces of the Northern Alliance managed to destroy the equipment and weapons of the jihadists.

“Inspired by the easy capture of Kabul, the Taliban have forgotten that they do not control the whole of Afghanistan. Having clearly overestimated their strength, the terrorists have suffered the largest losses since the beginning of this year, and, apparently, this is only the beginning. The army of Ahmad Massoud already reaches 12 thousand militias. This is significantly less than the number of militants, but due to the fragmentation of the latter throughout Afghanistan, such forces can easily move to Kabul and recapture it from the militants. ", - the expert marks.

Another 40 million. And it's all over. Good luck!
That's far less than XNUMX billion Chinese.

Well, well done. Let the secular take over power in Afghanistan.