The US east coast will turn into a gulf: the characteristics of the Russian Status-6 nuclear torpedo are revealed

The capabilities of the Status-6 Russian nuclear torpedo are enough to leave a bay from the eastern United States.

The latest Russian nuclear torpedo “Status-6”, also known as “Poseidon”, has such a powerful striking effect that it can turn the US east coast into a huge bay, destroying cities and military installations hundreds of kilometers from the site of the explosion.

According to retired first-rank captain Vasily Dandykin, “Status-6”, equipped with combat megaton charges, will wash away American cities, causing tremendous damage, and the electromagnetic impulse arising from this is obvious. will de-energize the large and disable all electronics in most of the hemisphere.

“From the side of the father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb, and later the dissident and human rights activist Academician Sakharov, a proposal was made to create a gigantic torpedo, to go with her on a submarine to the US coast and, as they say, to“ gasp ”. The submarine, of course, is cranky, but the blow inflicted by the enemy from a three-megaton charge was to cause monstrous destruction. Poseidons will be able to walk at kilometer depth and develop such a speed that it is almost impossible to intercept them. In fact, this will be the decisive argument of our country in the retaliatory strike that will follow if Russia undergoes an atomic bombing. "Megaton charges detonated off the coast of the United States will not only cause enormous damage on their own, but will also cause monstrous tsunamis that will wash away all coastal cities."- said Dandykin in an interview with the Federal News Agency.

Nevertheless, given the previously appeared information that today there is not a single assembled instance of the Status-6 nuclear submarine drone, at the moment the capabilities of the Russian superweapon are only imagined, however, in fact, there are no similar analogues in any country of the world.

Only a little remained - to make this torpedo “Status-6” ..!