Here's your ally: Lukashenka at an emergency meeting of the Security Council of Belarus accused Russia of destabilizing the situation

Lukashenka allowed himself to accuse Russia of destabilizing the situation in the country.

The Belarusian president, during an emergency meeting of the Security Council of Belarus, said that the situation in the country with protests is being shaken by Russia, and, remarkably, according to Lukashenko, this is being done together with the West, which raised many questions about what exactly the Belarusian leader is tending to ...

“Once again, we return to the issues of the situation not even in Belarus, but in the capital - in Minsk. I will not say that there is some kind of disaster or that the situation is too overstressed, but there are enough problems and questions. Today we already see absolutely clearly what is happening. We see the characters today. As we said, the originators and organizers of all this are people from abroad. In the forefront are people with a criminal past, moreover, a decent criminal past. Well, ours - where the children, where not quite already children. Don't lean out on the streets now! Understand that you and our children are being used as cannon fodder! Today we have already come in large numbers here from Poland, Holland, Ukraine, from this open Russia, Navalny and so on and so forth. The aggression has already begun against the country ", - said the Belarusian leader at a meeting of the Security Council of Belarus.

This is far from the first harsh statement on the part of Alexander Lukashenko and the Belarusian authorities against Russia regarding the current situation in Belarus, however, it is still unknown what kind of aggression Lukashenko is talking about, since only peaceful protests have been taking place in Minsk for the last two days, at which, judging by some data, about a million of the country's citizens have already visited.

Experts draw attention to the fact that such statements by Lukashenka can seriously undermine relations between Minsk and Moscow, especially against the backdrop of rather lengthy criticism of Russia.

This is a loose interpretation of outdated information. And Russia has nothing to do with it.

Why is the name of the party: "Open Russia" written with a small letter and what does the country of Russia have to do with it?

And why on earth is Russia identified with "Open Russia" and Navalny ???

Of course Ears grow from Russia. It's not even about Lukashenka. The fact is that in Russia itself it seems that they have made a decision that it is better to work with the liberal authorities of other states than with the left forces.

And where does Russia? The speech speaks about bulk from Russia, and they, the corrupt skins, have nothing to do with Russia.

Luke is the enemy of our peoples. He is only interested in personal power and the satisfaction of his ambitions. For 26 years he has raised his Natsik, whom he considers to be his support. It is he who says about them that it is necessary to ask the Belarusian people - "does he want to unite with Russia?" For 20 years he lives at the expense of Russia and builds a welfare state and considers it his merit. Now Russia needs to show its will and put him in his place.

Andrei Illarionov said that he was from Russia

The author of the article, you have a typo, if you are already writing and quoting the president of the country, mark the phrase "Open Russia" (Otkrytaya Rossia) in quotation marks, we are talking about the organization entered by the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia into the register of undesirable organizations of foreign legal entities. This organization has nothing to do with Russia ...

All the rhetoric of the Russian media before the elections, and then 33 heroes showed on whose side official Russia.

fool ponyatno.chto our liberals take an active part there. This does not apply to us Russians.

And what is there against Russia, of course, provocateurs and professional revolutionaries were pushed by the West, including from Russia

Lukashenko did not blame the Russian state, but Khodorkovsky's organization "Open Russia". These are traitors who have nothing to do with Russia.

Lukashenka did not reveal the secret, and it is so clear that this is a controlled process from the outside, comrade Lukashenka, do not worry, we will pray for you, it will be difficult, but you will stand

And he hoped that Russia would rush headlong to defend him. Better to look at himself more critically, at least in the mirror.

That's right: * from this "Open Russia", Navalny, and so on and so forth. * And this is true.

I completely agree, gentlemen, journalists, remember your professional honor, do not turn into the second oldest profession

Now only the real Union State will save from death
the traitor Lukashenko and Belarus, who blames Russia for his blame.

I spoke for bulk. Do not mix

No need to lump together RUSSIA and bulk Russia with his hangers-on from the State Department. And Lukashenka in his speech separated the traitors ...

Lukashenko only spoke awkwardly, but the meaning of his words is extremely clear: he is not against Russia, but against Navalny and Khodorkovsky with his "Open Russia" (it would be more correct to call "Open", since Navalny and not representatives of Her).
But the replication of anti-Russian APPENDICES to Lukashenka's words is no longer "clumsiness", but a deliberate falsification.


Here he is not accusing Russia, but Russian opposition figures from "open Russia" Khodorkovsky and personally Navalny. How they love to drive the wave.

Open Russia has nothing to do with the state. This is Khodorkovsky's gang and there is nothing to bring confusion here

We lie that everyone who takes to the streets is paid for and Lukashenka goes there too .. but the truth is, they both got it out.