The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan: the general of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and many officers are eliminated

The military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is seriously aggravated.

The provocative actions and artillery attacks of Azerbaijan on the territory of Armenia forced official Yerevan to take urgent measures and start striking at the position areas of the Azerbaijani military personnel, command posts and temporarily deployed headquarters, as a result of which the losses of Azerbaijan in this confrontation increased very much - at the moment it is known about the death of the chief of staff of the corps of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, Major General Polad Gashimov, the chief of artillery, Colonel Ilgar Mirzaev, and several other high-ranking officers. Armenia, in turn, still denies any losses on its part, despite attacks on the positions of the military personnel of this country published by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

At present, Azerbaijan has recognized the losses, however, at the same time, it has intensified the attack on the military of Armenia, as a result of which warehouses with weapons, vehicles for transporting people and goods, and even armored vehicles were destroyed.

The growing confrontation between the two states, obviously, indicates the fact that they could not solve the problem through diplomacy, however, experts note that the parties are well aware of what the further conflict might lead to, and therefore they do not use military aircraft to strike and tactical missile weapons.

“It is logical to assume that neither side wants to plunge into the conflict, but does not intend to give in. It is likely that diplomats will be able to resolve the conflict in the near future, and I want to believe that it will be without loss ”, notes

It should be clarified that negotiations between the two countries are ongoing, but any decisive steps cannot be achieved.