Attack on the APU


DPR troops destroyed the APU base with powerful artillery fire

The Ukrainian Armed Forces base in Donbass was destroyed by artillery strikes from the DPR.

Today, in the afternoon, the DPR forces attacked the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the demarcation zone in Donbass, namely, the military base of the Ukrainian military was destroyed by powerful artillery strikes of the DPR, and with it at least 8 pieces of equipment, tankers and various types of equipment.

It is known that the forces of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were present at the base. At the same time, if it was initially assumed that the attack by the DPR forces was unexpected, it later turned out that the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were attacked in response to the shelling of the positions of the DPR forces, as a result of which at least two children were injured.

Taking into account satellite images, the destroyed base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was used mainly to provide the Ukrainian forces with fuel and material and technical means, although there are still no official statements from the command of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on this score.

It is known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no losses, however, at the same time, three soldiers of the Ukrainian army were injured - their current state remains unknown.

It should be clarified that with the coming to office of the new Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the situation in Donbass began to deteriorate sharply.

When the end of fascism in Ukraine comes.

It will end when Ukraine finally disintegrates on the principles of cultural and national identification and each of them leaves for its own world (to Russia, Romania, Hungary, Poland) ...)

Russian chauvinism is when your children were shot at, and you shyly look away?

When will this Russian world and chauvinism end .........

It was on the 28th day, they did not wait for the morning of the 29th, when Alexander deigned to wake up and familiarize himself with the events described.

For you personally, the Children suffered while at home in the center of the village where the DPR troops were not even close.

APUshniki fired at civilians with children, and not at the position of the DPR army.

I wonder what the children were doing in the combat positions of the DPR forces?

the rest of the listeners continue to hide among residential areas

"Today is Power Day!" It’s still morning. Bad luck to the author: yesterday gives out as today. Atoru prize: sturgeon of the second freshness!



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