Airborne troops receive IL-90

17 May 2014. Airborne troops will soon receive an update of their fleet in the form of a new military transport aircraft IL-90. This information was confirmed by the deputy commander of the Airborne Forces for logistics in the rank of Colonel Nariman Timergazin.

According to him, painstaking work is being done to create an aircraft, the technical characteristics of which will be strikingly different from existing and used cars. However, the colonel did not disclose details about the appearance and abilities of the new machine.

At the moment, it uses the aircraft An-12, An-22, IL-76, soon IL-476 will also arrive.

At the moment, the Russian army is undergoing reform, which began in the 2008 year. She promises to be the largest in recent times. In its course, the share of contractual personnel increased, the overall size of the army decreased, which allowed to increase the salaries of the remaining employees and increase the pace of construction of new housing without serious consequences.

The new landing plane was also born from the funds allocated for this program. The percentage of the newest weapons in the Russian army has already reached 16%, and by the year 2020 will increase to 70%, which will allow it to become one of the most technologically advanced armies in the world.