Hypersonic missile strike video first published

The world's first video of a hypersonic missile strike has surfaced.

The Pentagon has published for the first time in the world a video of a hypersonic maneuvering unit hitting a target at one of its training grounds. Despite the fact that the Russian side tested the Avangard hypersonic missile much earlier, and plans to adopt the Sarmat heavy ICBM by the end of the year, only a video of the launch of such a missile was published earlier, but not a strike on the target. The American military showed what a blow is with a multi-ton warhead flying at hypersonic speed.



On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the missile launch and the strike itself. The strike was carried out by a warhead without a warhead, however, even in this case, you can see how the warhead strikes the ground, as a result of which it evaporates almost instantly - the lights scattering hundreds of meters are nothing more than practically evaporated debris.

In very slow motion, you can see the moment the missile hits the target, and although the parameters are not given by the American side, judging by the instantaneous flash and the dynamics of the impact, experts expressed the opinion that the warhead could accelerate to 10-12 sound speeds.

... and you can believe that the Americans did without Hollywood ??? Naive child !!! Well, otkeda for a year at striped rocket with 10 strides ??? Well, how does it come to ???