For the first time, almost total losses of Armenia and NKR were announced - they are very large

Azerbaijan presented data on the losses of Armenia and NKR in the 45-day war in Karabakh.

For the first time, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced the total losses of military equipment and weapons of the Armed Forces of Armenia and the self-proclaimed NKR, which were either destroyed or successfully captured, thereby replenishing the troops of Azerbaijan.

According to the data presented, the largest losses are noted among artillery, in particular, according to the Azerbaijani side, 28 units were captured among the self-propelled guns, and another 7 units were destroyed; among cannons and artillery pieces of various calibers, 315 units were captured and 37 more were destroyed; among the mortar weapons, 63 units were captured, and another 62 were destroyed in direct clashes. Nevertheless, the losses of Armenia are not limited to this at all, in particular, it is reported about the seizure of 10 special vehicles (93 were destroyed), 287 tanks (79 destroyed), 69 BMP / BMD / armored personnel carriers, etc. were captured (47 were destroyed) , 252 army trucks hijacked (270 destroyed). Moreover, Baku claims that five Armenian Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down in a month and a half of the conflict (excluding the one that crashed in the first days of the conflict), which indicates the almost complete defeat of the NKR and Armenian armies - the total damage to the Armenian and NKR armed forces was about 4 billion dollars.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the figures presented are probably not final, since today far from all regions of the NKR have come under the control of Azerbaijan, however, due to their remoteness, it is logical to assume that losses here will not be so significant ...