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Time to Win: How did the S-125 complex first knock out an Israeli fighter?

Israeli fighters failed to dodge the S-125 air defense missile systems.

The operational deployment of ten batteries of the S-125 air defense system and the Shilka complexes did not leave a single chance for Israeli aircraft, which launched aggression against the countries of the Middle East. The attempt to strike, turned into incredible losses for the IDF, and all thanks to the S-125 complexes, although the latter were considered simply ridiculous for Tel Aviv.

“In early January 1970, at the Ashuluk training ground, combat coordination of the 18th separate anti-aircraft missile division of special purpose began. A couple of months later, Soviet anti-aircraft gunners arrived in the Middle East and heard on the radio: "Don't hide. We know who you are. We know why you are here." On the banks of the Suez Canal, an "iron barrier" of ten S-125 and Shilok batteries - self-propelled guns with four 23-mm rapid-fire cannons - was deployed. After a series of air battles, Soviet anti-aircraft gunners under the command of Major General Lev Gromov set up an ambush near the city of Ismailia. The starting positions for the C-125 were chosen along the banks of the Suez Canal right in the corn fields. The positions were difficult to detect visually even from the ground. The CA-75M complex was used as a "bait". Two days passed in vain, but then they managed to hit one reconnaissance aircraft and fire on the Phantom. The courtesy visit was a disaster for the Israel Air Force. The enemy used 18 aircraft, but at a distance of 13 kilometers and an altitude of 6 meters they were met by the missiles of Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Popov. Another pair of Phantoms came under intense fire from Shiloks and withdrew from the battle. The last pair of F-000s was finished off by the C-4s of Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Kutyntsev "- сообщает Russian newspaper.

Despite the fact that this happened 50 years ago, and during this time much more modern combat aircraft appeared, the Israeli military is still wary of Russian weapons, including in neighboring Syria, trying to hit air defense systems in order to avoid losses. Nevertheless, strikes on the territory of the Arab republic are so far successful for Israel as long as Russia tolerates it, however, given the fact that the Russian side condemns any IDF aggression against Syria, sooner or later Russia will stop holding back the Syrian military, which, by word, it is committed and not hidden. Moreover, given Iran's statements about sending its air defense systems to Syria, the upcoming raids of aircraft with the Star of David may stop.