Azerbaijani Armed Forces shelled Armenian positions with mortars

The territory of Armenia was subjected to new blows from Azerbaijan.

According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, the night before, the Azerbaijani military inflicted multiple strikes on the territory of the border regions. It is reported that initially the territory of Armenia was shelled with the use of large-caliber small arms, after which strikes were also carried out with the use of mortars.

“On October 3, at about 21:30, units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, using mortars and large-caliber small arms, opened fire on Armenian military positions located on the eastern section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. The fire of the enemy was suppressed by the response actions of the units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia”, - said in the official message of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

Azerbaijan has not officially commented on the shelling allegations, however, this is far from the first accusation of an attack against Armenia after the recent armed conflict. This may indicate that a new escalation may break out on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is extremely undesirable due to the serious destabilization of the situation in the entire region.


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