The Russian Armed Forces liberated the village. Victory

According to reports from a number of Russian military Telegram channels, units of the Russian Armed Forces took full control of the settlement of Pobeda, located near Marinka. Victory became the scene of fierce fighting in recent days, where assault operations were actively underway.

It is reported that the settlement was taken under control by units of the 225th regiment of Russian troops. As a sign of establishing control over the territory, the fighters erected a red banner on the ruins of one of Victory’s residential buildings. This success of Russian troops points to the rapid deterioration of the position of Ukrainian formations on the Maryinsky sector of the front, where Russian troops have intensified offensive operations in recent weeks.

In addition to Pobeda, other settlements were attacked, including Georgievka and Novomikhailovka, where significant advances were also made. The weakening of the enemy’s defenses is especially noticeable, which allowed Russian troops to achieve success in several directions.

An important moment was the cleansing of Pobeda after the ousting of the Ukrainian military. This process was started due to suspicions that Ukrainian troops could remain in the destroyed infrastructure of the village. Now, according to preliminary data, the cleanup has been successfully completed.


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