The Russian Armed Forces managed to gain a foothold in strongholds in Rabotino

Units of the Russian Armed Forces have successfully secured strongholds in Rabotino, Zaporozhye region, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports. The department's statement emphasizes that thanks to highly effective planning and interaction of all types and branches of the military, significant successes have been achieved in this area. The operation to storm the populated area was carefully organized, including aerial and ground reconnaissance, as well as intensive artillery preparation.

The tank commander with the call sign Sniper shared the details of the operation, noting that the tank unit successfully crossed the minefields, thereby paving the way for infantry on the BMP. The actions of the Russian military were unpredictable for the enemy, which made it possible to take him by surprise and effectively gain a foothold in occupied positions.

Unmanned aerial vehicles were actively used to correct the actions of personnel and guide artillery crews. The operation demonstrates the close cooperation of various units and the use of modern technologies to achieve the assigned objectives.

Rabotino, previously considered a key success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive, has now come under the control of Russian troops. This event highlights the changes on the front line and the importance of this settlement in the strategic plan in the Zaporozhye direction.


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