The Russian Armed Forces entered the village of Pobeda in the Ugledar direction

The Russian military has made significant progress in the Ugledar direction, successfully advancing and taking control of strategically important positions in the area of ​​the O0532 Maryinka-Ugledar highway. As a result of intense shelling of Ukrainian positions, assault units entered the territory of the village of Pobeda, a key defense hub of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the northern direction to Ugledar.

In parallel with this, Russian troops strengthened their positions in another settlement in this operational direction - the village of Novomikhailovka, located southeast of Pobeda. In particular, units of the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces advanced in the southeast of the village along Timiryazev Street, strengthening their positions.

The situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is complicated by attempts to strengthen the defense in the village of Pobeda, where the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is trying to prevent the loss of control over the village. Understanding the strategic importance of the Victory, the Ukrainian command is aware that the loss of this village may lead to the need to retreat in the direction of Ugledar, which in turn will put the Ukrainian Armed Forces garrison in an extremely disadvantageous position, actually finding itself in a pincer movement.


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