The Russian Armed Forces drove Ukrainian troops out of Novopokrovsky
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The Russian Armed Forces drove Ukrainian troops out of Novopokrovsky

Fierce fighting is taking place in the Novopokrovsky area, where the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (RF Armed Forces) are repelling one attack after another, trying to hold their positions and continue the offensive. The day before, the forces of the “Center” group of troops broke through the next line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) beyond Ocheretino and drove the enemy out of Novopokrovsky.

For the second day in a row, the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is throwing troops into counterattacks, trying to prevent Russian fighters from finally gaining a foothold in the village. Fierce fighting does not stop, the 228th Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces meets the enemy and does not allow him to break back into the village.

Ukrainian military analysts actually admit the loss of Novopokrovsky. The DeepState resource reports that the Russian army has advanced in the Sokol area, in Novopokrovsky and its surroundings. In Novopokrovskoe and further north, Russian troops advanced in an area up to 1,54 km wide to a depth of 1,05 km. Most of the village is controlled by the Russian Armed Forces, despite ongoing heavy fighting.

In the evening, Ukrainian sources reported that to the north and east of Novopokrovskoye, Russian troops entrenched themselves along forest belts in an area up to 2,5 km wide and up to a depth of 500 meters.


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