The Russian Armed Forces knock out Ukrainian troops from Volchansk


The Russian Armed Forces knock out Ukrainian troops from Volchansk

The Russian Armed Forces (RFAF) continue offensive operations in Volchansk, achieving significant successes in the northern and western parts of the city, analytical resources report.

In the northern part of Volchansk, Russian troops advanced along Sobornaya, Korolenko and Stepnaya streets, as well as in the area of ​​the chalk mountains. According to the latest data, a section up to 3,2 km wide and up to 2,03 km deep came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. This advance made it possible to strengthen the positions of the Russian army in strategically important areas of the city.

On the western flank of the Volchansky direction, the Russian army also achieved partial success. In the village of Staritsa along Maslovka Street, the Russian Armed Forces occupied the territory of the Shevchenkovo ​​tract and the remaining part of the Kulma tract. Here, the advance is observed in an area up to 6,34 km wide and up to 2,3 km deep, which allows Russian troops to control important transport and logistics routes.

These advances are part of a broader strategic operation aimed at strengthening control over key population centers and ensuring security in occupied territories. Analysts note that the continuation of offensive actions by the Russian Armed Forces in Volchansk creates significant pressure on the enemy’s defensive positions, complicating their ability to maneuver and defend.


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