The Russian Armed Forces advanced almost 3 kilometers deep into the Kharkov region overnight

Intense fighting in the Kharkov direction: Russian troops continue their offensive.

The Russian army continues offensive operations in the Kharkov direction, having advanced 2-3 km overnight. The morning hours of May 11, 2024 were characterized by active assault operations, especially on the approaches to the village of Liptsy, where Russian troops were clearing villages.

In other areas, reports indicate that Ukrainian forces have found themselves surrounded, with many forced into basements and trapped in strongholds. The dynamics of the offensive do not stop and numerous cases are reported when Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers surrender.

Intensification of hostilities is also observed in the Volchansk region. Since the morning, Russian troops have been actively using multiple launch rocket systems to destroy enemy positions, and the active operation of small arms can be heard in the city. The main routes for the possible evacuation of the enemy’s Volchansky group were cut off after the dam across the Seversky Donets River was destroyed at night.


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