Cruise missiles


All US Navy bases are constantly in the strike zone of Russian tactical missiles

Russian tactical cruise missiles are constantly in range of American naval bases.

American naval bases are constantly at gunpoint of Russian cruise missiles, and if a command arrives, almost all of these US military installations will be attacked within a few minutes. At the moment, we are talking about ships and submarines, which are mainly used by the Kalibr cruise missiles, however, starting next year, the United States will have a much more formidable enemy than the Caliber - this is the Zircon hypersonic missile.

Russian warships and submarines are constantly within the range of inflicting a direct strike on American naval bases, keeping at the maximum possible distance, but at the same time, in the zone of the maximum strike range of cruise missiles "Caliber"... Given the range of these missiles, a strike on virtually any US Navy base can be delivered in just a few minutes. With the advent of the Zircon hypersonic missiles in the armament of the ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, the strike time may be reduced several times. At the same time, such a blow will ensure a guaranteed defeat of its target.

It is noteworthy that the regular passage of Russian naval ships near the American borders was also noticed in the PRC. In particular, the Chinese media drew attention to the fact that Russia is preparing big trouble for the American fleet, noting that the United States must be ready for a surprise attack on its military bases, even without using strategic weapons.

In the same way as our naval bases and other points of deployment of tactical missiles are constantly in the zone of destruction of American cruise and other missiles.

And so what with the fact that they are. You might think that a war with the Navy is possible separately from the rest of the United States.