United States air force dump


"All in a landfill": the US Air Force write off the entire fleet in the "open skies"

American Boeing OC-135B aircraft used for flights under the Open Skies Treaty (OON) are subject to decommissioning and will be sent to the "aircraft graveyard". Information about this appeared in the "Kommersant" publication with reference to the press service of the US Air Force.

According to the observer, the DON aircraft fleet will be sent to the US Air Force Davis-Monten (Arizona), near which the "aircraft graveyard" is located. In the future, it is planned to completely disassemble the aircraft and cut them for scrap.

The decision to write off two Boeing OC-135Bs was made due to the obsolescence of the aircraft and the inability to maintain them in a serviceable condition. The report says that both aircraft were produced back in 1961-1962 and are almost the oldest in the US Air Force.

It was the frequent breakdowns and accidents of aircraft, as well as the inability to fly to the full extent, that forced the United States to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty. Attempts to obtain funds to replace aircraft or overhaul were unsuccessful; against this background, Russia successfully completed the modernization of its DON aircraft.

Despite the decommissioning of the aircraft, Washington does not exclude the possibility of returning to the Treaty with the use of Allied aircraft, but does not name a specific date. For its part, Moscow is ready to wait only until this summer, after which Russia also intends to leave the Open Skies Treaty.

I am in complete sympathy with the State Department of the UWB that they could not modernize or replace two eroplanes for DON and this forced them to withdraw preemptively from the agreement DON, What a woe !!