Aircraft MS-21


All suppliers of systems for Russian aircraft terminated contracts with Russia

The Russian aircraft industry is under the threat of complete collapse.

Russian foreign partners supplying systems and components for Russian aircraft have announced that they are completely breaking agreements with Russia and are stopping supplies both under future contracts and within the framework of agreements already signed.

“Foreign companies that supply ready-made systems for Russian civil aircraft have refused supplies and cooperation, said Vasily Shpak, director of the radio-electronic industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, at the Microelectronics-2020 forum. "Our foreign partners, who supply ready-made systems for our aircraft, someone publicly, someone secretly informed our aircraft manufacturers that they will not continue relations with our aircraft manufacturers either under existing contracts or under new contracts," he said. in fact, without declaring sanctions, they said that they would no longer supply systems. Thus, they are trying to simply stop our civil aircraft industry. " Shpak believes that further restrictions may affect microelectronics. He did not specify which systems will not be supplied and which aircraft were affected by the restrictions ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency Interfax.

According to experts, the blow will be dealt to the Russian promising airliner MS-21, SSJ-100 and Il-114 aircraft, and it is likely that it will also affect combat aircraft that are used for deliveries abroad, since they use foreign avionics.

The situation may turn out to be very critical, since after the previously imposed sanctions on the supply of composite materials to Russia for the elements of the MC-21 aircraft, the terms of serial production were abruptly postponed, and the aircraft, in fact, is not ready to date, which may even force existing customers to refuse to purchase these machines because of the missed deadlines.

Interfax reports that it does not yet have objective comments from the UAC.

I would like to ask the Ministry of Industry and Trade - were you not enough of signals like Mistral, Nord Stream, etc. ..? Do you see anything beyond your nose? You don't know that you can't cook porridge with such P-artners - for them to cheat is good business!

It is necessary not only to build, it is also necessary to train specialists, but so that they have someone to teach, it is necessary to prepare teachers for universities.

The title of the article is false. Not all vendors, but some. This is how the Interfax message sounds.

If the Russian aircraft industry is under the threat of complete collapse, as the author writes, due to the cessation of supplies of foreign components, then we can say that there was no full-fledged aircraft industry in Russia.

Any military or civil aircraft is a complex system, we must strive to produce components and systems in our country, while creating high-tech industries, there is enough scientific and monetary potential and people are ready to work for real wages from Don to Enesei, it's time.

Here it is - "unfair competition" in action - trying to do everything to hinder competitors. Well, we didn’t start it ... We will make our own components anyway (we could do it earlier), but titanium, etc. ALL will go to our planes. If they are indignant, the Russians will nationalize these (Russian!) Enterprises. And the process has already started - you can't stop!

about 1000 new factories, 24 long bridges since 2000 !!! why lie!!!

DB. All this, of course, will lead to a shift in terms of commercials by a year. But in the end, ours will make domestic components that will create competition for current manufacturers. Moreover, if the Superjet of foreign components is fucking with the project, then the MS-21 is more variable in this regard. With PD-14 everything is clear, it will fly. With the kit for the "black" wing clamped down, the situation is already being straightened out by the Russian forces. Many components are considered in imported and domestic versions. They were installed imported only out of reluctance to fence the garden - they were simply taken from the world's leading manufacturers. Someone seriously thinks that ours will not be able to replace them? Perhaps those who taught history very poorly.

Our country will soon be North Korea 2.

For Russia, the occupation of Crimea must become unbearable, - Volker
In order for the Kremlin to feel the real cost of the occupation of Crimea, it is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of sanctions and block sea traffic for Russian ships.

Actually, as far as I remember, avionics and software for the Superjet and MC21 are made here ... so it's worse for them =)

Don't write nonsense! This is the usual envy of "partners"! Russia began to rebuild its aviation industry too quickly, and this threatens with strong competition from our side! They don't need it! So they do nasty things as they can! But I think it won't give them anything! The plane will be created in any case !!!

Well, let them supply Airbus and Boig "everyone knows that we have the most advanced electronics, and all other countries have lagged behind us! We have the most advanced radars and automation. We are making Baikal!" not with one country there is no such thing!

I don’t care deeply about such assessments. I love my country, even with a dictatorship, even without.

And they did the right thing that turned out to be. In a critical situation, we think faster and more correctly. We will succeed. Mistral is an example of this.

In place of the Diamond too. And many factories are already gone (((

It won't, because there is nothing else to trade with!

And I thought we do everything ourselves. We are "about to enter the top five economies in the world."

All these bureaucrats have nedvizh and loot in the USA and Europe, and you, folk, beat yourself in the chest and declare titanium prohibitions, the mustache and mustache have been sold for a long time :))

If a country spits on the rule of law and human rights, if any opposition to the regime is suppressed by the most savage methods, if critics of the regime are illegally imprisoned or persecuted as in the case of Navalny, then such a country becomes a world outcast, both states and commercials refuse to deal with it companies. This is a natural consequence of a semi-fascist dictatorship under the guise of sovereign democracy.

Those. the last ten years, only the lazy one did not say that it would be so. As soon as they understand that we are their competitors.
So what? who listened to these people?
We continued to buy Boeings and Airbuses. Continued to supply their corporations with titanium parts ...
What were you thinking about? Why didn't you look for analogues in China, Korea, which are still ready to work with us?
Why didn't you create a replacement?
Because they hoped at random.

who will tear it apart, look at the composition of shareholders and the titans, you can not talk about aluminum at all thanks to Deripaska. rather, they will stop supplying us. Will it be funny?

Great news? It is high time for all countries to stop cooperating with thieves from Raska.

How many of them can you call partners !? They are enemies! Enemies!

Interestingly, the article, in contrast to the title, does not say that "all" are foreign suppliers. I am sure that among them there may be Chinese companies, and Belarusian and others. And again, while at the level of rumors, there is no official confirmation. I am not sure that even Western companies will refuse orders during the crisis.

As I understand it, Russia won't break contracts with foreign "partners"? In particular titanium, aluminum?

Well, we need to quietly delete those offices that we do not need !! and do not care about the WTO and the Paris agreements !!!

So the people already have everything. The Russians. Few, though they are ...

Their responsibilities are different: not to answer, but to cut.

Crimeans are happy.

Does the titanium belong to Russia?

This is true for any sane person! But for those bureaucrats who profess the Chubo-Yeltsin philosophy - the medicine invented by J.V. Stalin. It worked and quite successfully.

On the site of the Svetlana plant (St. Petersburg), they began to build residential buildings ... Why does Russia need factories, they need to be broken down, and in their place people-houses should be built for managers who have come in large numbers.

Sanctions since 2014. Not a single factory built for less dependence on foreign partners!

In a month, he could only organize a little bast shoe weaving

Very funny. In your opinion, rebuilding entire industries is a snap of your fingers?

Well, it's right that they refused to supply. It's high time to learn how to produce it ourselves

This is the market economy, competition, these are the values ​​of the West, and they sit in the field with them ... nothing

Igor, they will not do (((... there are no personnel (there are almost no brains) and there is no production base for scaling

Hoping for the delivery of an enemy is extremely unprofessional, and even treacherous.

The state has grown like electronics, it is an indicator of the country's development, consider that the axiom does not require any proof.

A minister who has luxury country villas and luxury hotels in his head will think about such a trifle! In general, it is always easier to steal through foreign partners! But this is by the way!

There will be no sanctions, the formajor will say because of the Crimean bridge or Navalny and they will find a reason. Only where were our reformist analysts, they all did their job in London and dumped

Soon everything will fall apart with such rulers ...

Do we continue to supply titanium?

Victor, are you serious ?! And who will collect these fines ?!

Aluminum is no longer ours, but American.

Hooray! Loot will remain in Russia and our plant and design bureau will work. And they will do better than foreign

When in 2014 Russia imposed sanctions against thousands of EU companies that had nothing to do with Crimea, then for some reason no one in the Kremlin thought that similar sanctions might follow.
It's a pity that in Europe they've been dragging it out for so many years

I wonder how the contracts were drawn up and what the penalty is

but there were no problems with the late Brezhnev. he did not talk about breakthroughs, but did a little really, and with him the Turks would not have shot down our plane

This is to be expected from the current OPG

Let's build another stream for them

But the Crimean people got up from their knees.

But Comrade Stalin would have set up the production of these composites on his own in a month.

85% of the Russian economy is IMPORT! ! ! We draw LOGICAL conclusions, gentlemen ...

in the future, do not enter into transactions with these companies

Have not forgotten anything. They just bought everyone

And where are you going to shove that aluminum with titanium if you don’t sell on the side. Just like gas with oil

So we arrived, we optimized ourselves .... the production of Russian radio-electronic components and units was ruined to smithereens, the institutes were dispersed in the nineties and zero. We thought the oil prosperity would go on forever !! But no, you are our cleverest rulers - "finita la comedy"!

And then China will refuse.

Aren't there any penalties for partners who do not comply with contracts?

Let the Crimeanash establish the production of composites and avionics.


This is a penny compared to the loss from supply interruption.

And now an exact quote from Interfax: "Some foreign companies that supply ready-made systems for Russian civil aircraft have refused supplies and cooperation."

And how many words were said about international cooperation. How everything was falling apart, under the exclamations that we would buy everything abroad. How is the Gaidar Forum?

What did you say there about GLOBALIZATION. Common and free world market !? Rzhunemagu.

Clean up order in your ranks! Deputies, members and non-"members" of the government must be held accountable for their actions and actions. It's a shame for the State!

Which is to be expected from the short-sighted "to put it mildly" Russian government. Everything was clear when they began to buy Western aircraft to the detriment of Russian ones.

so the aluminum smelters do not belong to Russia, the Americans have a controlling stake. We will be left without everything. everything was sold and taken offshore

How right you are, a country of inverted priorities!

Of course, this is a sacred thing for them, if only the currency would drip. Which they then secretly dispose of.

The trouble is, unlike the USSR, we also carry galoshes from China.

And what have Russian companies to do with it? After all, it was not they who refused, but Western companies and no one is falling apart but will switch to Chinese components for aircraft and then they will restore these products themselves

Everything needs to be done at home. The West is an enemy and a scoundrel. Why did you forget about this obvious truth?

Under any contract there must be penalties for unilateral refusal !!!

Continue in the same spirit to destroy the remnants of the industry. Correctly said, not a country, but a "gas station".

And why are not the "heroes" announced, that is, the companies that refused to supply equipment ?????

Of course, and you supply them with more aluminum and titanium ...