All Russian nuclear submarines stationed in Kamchatka were urgently sent to sea - all because of the USA

Russian nuclear submarines based in Vilyuchinsk were urgently sent to sea.

Against the background of growing tensions in relations between Russia and the United States, it became known that the command of the Russian Navy had issued an order to put Russian nuclear submarines into the sea. We are talking about nuclear submarines, which were deployed at the base of the Russian Navy in Vilyuchinsk. Moreover, apparently, we are talking about an emergency dispatch, since all the nuclear submarines went to sea at the same time - according to Western media reports, the base was completely empty for several days.

According to some reports, a similar situation is observed at other naval bases of Russia, however, in the case of Vilyuchinsk, this information is confirmed by satellite data.

“Against the background of aggravation of relations between Russia and NATO, all combat-ready Russian nuclear submarines of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy left the naval base in Vilyuchinsk on Kamchatka. As evidence, a satellite image of the Russian submarine base taken on November 23, 2021 from the Sentinel-2 spacecraft (a family of Earth remote sensing satellites of the European Space Agency) is cited. It is alleged that the nuclear submarines of projects 955 "Borey", 955A "Borey-A" and 949A "Antey" began to quickly leave their permanent base and go to sea, being lost in the vastness of the World Ocean from the beginning of this month. Therefore, as they think in the West, there is a possibility that one nuclear submarine 949A Antey (according to NATO codification - Oscar-II), fixed at the berth, will also go to sea in the near future. ", - reports "MilitaryMaps".

On the satellite images presented, you can indeed see that the base in Vilyuchinsk is empty, however, there are no details and clarifications on this score from the Russian Navy command.

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Some strange collision: the other day the US Navy received an urgent order for all SSBNs to urgently return to their bases. And the Russians, on the contrary, are all at sea. "A cat from home - mice to dance!" - so what?

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Recently, there was still strange news about the American nuclear submarines, the question was only in the quality of translation, whether all the boats were recalled from duty to their homeland, or the navigation systems were checked and everyone was left to carry out their tasks.

If everything is very bad and there is a danger for the State. and carriers .. Do the right thing by conducting dispersion! Although there are not so many boats, the ocean is big ...

In fact, the purpose of the fleet is to carry out tasks at sea, and not to stay at the berth. It is high time to raise KOH to the Soviet standards.

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