All Russian military bases in Crimea were hit by US tactical missiles from Romania

Russian military bases located on the territory of Crimea came under a tactical attack by the United States from Romania.

Russian military airbases and Russian naval bases on the territory of the Crimean peninsula were directly under the threat of a direct tactical strike from the western direction, which, according to available data, is currently the least protected on the peninsula, due to the deployment of Patriot PAC-3 + complexes in Romania and this modification is reportedly capable of using tactical missiles to engage sea and ground targets.

“Romania received the first Patriot PAC-3 + anti-aircraft missile system. Seven AN / MPQ-65 radars, seven command posts, 28 launchers, 56 Patriot MIM-104E anti-aircraft missiles, 168 PAC-3 interceptor missiles and auxiliary equipment are planned for delivery. ", - the source said.

According to experts, a simultaneous strike with 56 tactical missiles in the least protected direction may be quite successful, while the target will obviously be Russian military air bases in Crimea, as well as Russian naval bases.

It should be clarified that in response to the deployment of missile defense systems capable of delivering strikes with tactical missiles, Russia may deploy medium- and shorter-range missiles on the territory of the peninsula, since the Treaty on the Elimination of such Missiles is not binding upon the withdrawal of the United States of America.

From Romania to Crimea, at least 220 km, the Patriot MIM-104E range is a maximum of 100 km.

The maximum possible range of destruction for the MIM 104 missile is 100 km, in reality - 80 km. The distance between the nearest points of Crimea and Romania is 220 km. Good luck shooting expensive anti-aircraft missiles at sea waves.

The Romanians decided to glaze their territory. Well, there are no barriers for patriots.