The possible loss of 777 version Malaysia Eirlayns


The possible loss of 777 version Malaysia Eirlayns

The possible loss of 777 version Malaysia Eirlayns


The plane seems to be not a needle in a haystack, but even more so airliner Boeing 777-200 with 227-12 passengers and th-th crew members, but still lost in the air, and such a large object could that happened on the night of March 8 skies over Malaysia. With all the illogic and absurdity of this news is actually now, after little more than a week after the mysterious disappearance of the ship, there are several versions of what happened is quite reasonable.

Obviously, the aircraft, which gave no signals about the problems on the board, or any other problems that could turn into "invisible" for the reason that he was kidnapped by hackers and by changing the route (and the attempts that have been fixed radars to the disappearance of the bearing plane) to land at some time in one of the Asian countries - to the north of Malaysia, and to the south, a distance of four hours of the summer, as more aircraft are simply not able to reach.


The plane, which gave no signal

fault on the board, or any other

problems could not turn into "invisible"


The spread of the versions about the motives of the kidnappers is now so wide that it is difficult to separate here the seeds of truth from the accumulations of frank delirium. The fact that the Malaysian investigators are seriously considering the version that the plane was kidnapped by the Taliban forces and landed in Afghanistan is not surprising. This is quite a logical version, even for people far from aviation. And after the words of the former deputy secretary of state, Strobe Talbot, that a stolen plane can be used to commit a terrorist attack on the territory of India, similar to the liners that were used for the September 11 terrorist attack in the United States - a version that all the forces involved in Search for a missing liner. And this is already without small 26 countries, to which recently Russia joined too.

Here are a few more versions that come to mind, but are immediately discarded by the laws of logic. It is highly doubtful that the plane could have gone unnoticed by any of the aviation services of the countries in the search area. So here the version with "theft" at a very high level immediately comes to mind, since it is practically impossible to keep silent about the presence of an "unidentified flying object" in the air without the will of the special services of a particular state, if it does not become part of a purposeful action ... Well, such things are not done by "ordinary mortals" ...

Perhaps the kidnappers expected the effect of surprise and the passage of the aircraft until landing in an unknown place along the "unknown" routes in the airspace of countries from which it is difficult to obtain true information, but here again - too many factors that are difficult to calculate and predict that immediately Is in doubt. The plane is still not a naval ship and if there really was a pirate capture followed by landing of a liner in the Andaman Islands area, as some experts suggest, then we witnessed a very daring "know-how". But, how can you put a Boeing in the jungle? For such a massive weight of 200 tons you need a concrete runway up to 2-kilometers, and such "secret" airfields where it would be possible to plant Boeing unnoticed in nature hardly exist.

Reprogramming the route and spend the aircraft to the landing site could only very experienced pilot. And, perhaps, it is now hoping relatives of the missing passengers, as they are unlikely to enjoy the version with the unsuccessful attempt of kidnapping, alluding to the fact that the aircraft may never be found because of a plane crash over the Indian Ocean after disconnection of the transponder.


Reprogramming route

and to hold the aircraft to the site

I could only very experienced pilot.


Although, if you try to recreate the flight of the liner from the data that was received from the satellite on which the Boeing engines are tied (which is the only reliable information about the plane after its disappearance), it is obvious that a version with an unsuccessful attempt at abduction is possible. The aircraft several times went into areas where it is impossible to pilot through an autopilot, climbing the 450 "echelon" (45 thousand feet), apparently in order to avoid a collision in the air and falling to a very low altitude of 23 thousand feet, on which After the tests of American military aircraft crashed in the air due to overloads.

Someone may surprise the scatter of the proposed location of the aircraft from the coast of Australia to Tajikistan, but there is nothing illogical in this - the liner was able to fix the only Inmarsat satellite that caught the signal from the Rolls-Royce engines, which the abductors could not disconnect. But this signal was so weak, and the satellite was at a distance of 35 thousand meters above ground level, that here it is necessary to take into account at once two trajectories in the opposite way, the mirror ones towards the Bay of Bengal, through India and Afghanistan (hence the version with a possible deferred act of terrorism And a link to the Taliban) or towards the Indian Ocean, which hints at a possible crash of the liner.


Covsem illogical to steal plane

for terrorist attack with subsequent planting,

refueling and takeoff at the designated time -

where it was easier to enter the airspace

space desired country

immediately after the "theft".


The search for logic in the actions of the kidnappers leads to the fact that it is illogical to steal an airplane for a terrorist attack, with its subsequent landing, refueling and take-off at the appointed time - it was much easier to enter the airspace of the right country immediately after "theft" and using the surprise effect to make the planned, Especially since, apparently, the plane could still be above India or Malaysia, where there are enough facilities that could interest terrorists, for example the Petronas Building in Kuala Lumpur, at one time with itavshiysya the tallest building on the planet, but for some reason the kidnappers did not use the aircraft immediately, that very illogical for terrorists, with which they may not be. Kidnap aircraft for the sake of hostages? Sorry for the cynicism, but it's much easier to "steal" 250 people on the ground, this version does not hold water at all.

Now we get only a fraction of the information held responsible for the investigation of the mysterious incident, service, and rightly so. Only now, without serious analysis, we "invented" several alternative versions of what happened, and each of them can hurt the feelings of the relatives of missing people, who are already in a state of constant stress.

In fact, all the considered versions are unlikely, which is not surprising, since we are dealing with a riddle of that caliber that civil aviation has not yet known. Maybe we are dealing with a group of "magicians" who decided to go down in history in such a spectacular way? But it will be spectacular only if the passengers and crew members remain alive, which one really wants to believe. 


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