All American nuclear submarines ordered to immediately stop navigation

The US Navy issued a rare order banning further navigation for all nuclear powered submarines.

All nuclear-powered submarines in the US Navy have been ordered to immediately cease navigation and return to their military bases. The order implies the immediate cancellation of all missions in all regions of the world, which raised many questions.

According to information obtained by the news agency, the command of the US Navy has ordered all nuclear submarines at sea to immediately cease their missions and go to naval bases. The reason for this was some information that was found out as a result of the investigation of the incident with the collision of the American nuclear submarine "Connecticut". There are no details on this score, however, according to various sources, we are talking about revising the navigation program, and about some shortcomings identified in the design of nuclear submarines in service with the US Navy.

Earlier, there was unconfirmed information that the incident with the collision of the nuclear submarine "Connecticut" may be associated with the hacking of the navigation systems of the nuclear submarine, since no underwater objects with which a collision could be allowed were noticed in the place of its passage.

NOT confirmed data, this is how one grandmother said in the market.

Is this connected with Admiral Popov's statement about the death of Kursk?

It was a stuffed animal of Poseidon.


And if that would change all the warheads to nuclear?

rather, China, the Russians are clearly not capable of this.

Chinese coronavirus infiltrates submarine navigation system

It seems that somewhere there Petrov and Bashirov admired the beautiful sunset of the sun.

The United States recorded many cases of knocking on the bottom of its nuclear submarines and the subsequent shadows of rapidly disappearing unknown spacesuits ... while sometimes floating flippers with the worn Petrov & Boshirov signs are found in these areas.

What if again: Attack of bedbugs? And they do not let the sailors sleep and attack them in bed when they are sleeping sweetly? The title of the new, action-packed blockbuster from Hollywood: American Submariner's Nightmare or Bedbug: Return to the Premier League!

Then the ambassadors will be recalled, for consultations, and then, we are preparing for the reflection.

Russians will be accused, do not go to a fortune-teller

Something like this: The command of the US submarine forces and the US Pacific Submarine Forces - Vice Admiral William Houston and Rear Admiral Jeffrey Jablon - sent a joint message to the submarine crews of the Navy on Wednesday, in which they announced "the refusal of navigation", - said the representative of the Submarine forces commander. Paul Macapagal e-mailed Stars and Stripes on Thursday.
Unlike accidents issued to aviation crews, the order does not mean that the submariners will stop operations. Instead, the crews will have to learn navigation training and safety procedures, Macapagal said.

An interesting situation is developing. 1. Someone found a method for acoustic hacking of the navigation system and applied it? And is it possible to implement it on all US nuclear submarines? Then this is a very difficult case and you need to redo all the software or hardware and software complex. 2. Is the metal used in the construction of nuclear submarines subject to destruction and an urgent check of all nuclear submarines, including strategists, is required? 3. All nuclear submarines were recalled to prepare for some event, so that all combat units were at their native shores! And this may portend very bad events in the near future.

That’s what it’s possible, it’s serious.



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