Shot down a drone


Following the attack helicopter AH-64 Apache, the Soviet OSA "Osa" shot down a Chinese attack drone Wing Loong II

In an attempt to avenge a downed combat helicopter, Saudi Arabia also lost an attack drone.

A few hours ago it became known that the military from Saudi Arabia tried to take revenge on Yemeni rebels for the AH-64 Apache helicopter shot down two days ago by sending to the area of ​​the Husite air defense system, and we are talking about the Osa air defense system, the unmanned aerial vehicle Wing Loong II type of strike, however, the latter was destroyed in the same area, the same air defense system.

At the moment, Yemeni rebels have not submitted a video demonstrating the destruction of the Wing Loong II strike UAV, however, given the information provided by the sources, the drone was shot down in the same area, presumably the same Osa air defense system - the only exception is the deployment of an air defense system in a slightly different direction.

Thus, in less than two days, Saudi Arabia lost two aircraft at once, and, as you can see in one of the shots, the anti-aircraft guided missile attack armored missile literally pierced through, which naturally did not leave crew any chance of survival.

It should be clarified that the Hussites themselves are positioning the air defense system as a new type of air defense system, however, according to analysts and statements on social networks, we are really talking about the Osa air defense system, or at least a modification of this complex.