A German submarine surfaced near the territorial waters of Russia ran into an armada of Russian warships

A German submarine ran into an armada of Russian warships.

The small German U-35 submarine, which surfaced near the territorial waters of Russia, unexpectedly ran into a large number of Russian warships. We are talking about the very 7 corvettes located off the coast of Latvia, while experts see two possible circumstances of the incident - the German submariners either could not detect a large formation of Russian warships, or they specifically tracked them.

Currently, the purpose of the presence of a German submarine in the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea remains unknown, and therefore, experts are quite inclined to the version that it monitored the position of Russian corvettes, although the presence of Russian warships near the territorial waters of Latvia is also not commented on Russian defense department.

It should be noted that there was no threatening rapprochement between the German submarine and Russian warships, however, the submarine has torpedo tubes, can deploy sea mines and even carries missiles on its board, which in turn does not exclude that the German Navy could track the reality Russian activity in the Baltic Sea.