UAF attacked Belbek airfield in Crimea with drones

The attack on the Belbek airfield was repulsed by Russian air defense systems tonight.

In addition to the attack on the airfield in the Kursk region, an attack was also made on the Belbek airfield, located on the western coast of Crimea, tonight. It is reported that Russian air defense systems were able to successfully repel the drone attack. Information about this приводит VGTRK reporter Andrey Rudenko.

It is known that the attack on the Belbek airfield was carried out using several unmanned aerial vehicles, however, the drones were detected and successfully hit with the help of air defense systems. Damage on the territory of the airfield was avoided, as, equally, and the victims.

This is the fourth airfield attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a day. At the same time, despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to take advantage of the surprise effect by launching drones almost simultaneously, no serious consequences were avoided. At the same time, it is known about the death of at least three people and the hospitalization of four victims, as previously reported by the defense department.

There are no official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation by the current hour.


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